TGS 2006: Blue Dragon Hands-On

From IGN "Mistwalker's Blue Dragon was the clear favorite at the Microsoft booth. Far larger crowds were crammed into lines waiting to access its hands-on theatre than were at the other RPG juggernaut, Lost Odyssey. When we finally managed to squeeze our way in, we found two different scenarios were available to play. The first was the area we'd seen at Microsoft's press briefing on Wednesday, the other a new area with a heavy focus on combat."

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calderra5849d ago

"Some of the more powerful abilities had sequences between five and 15 seconds"

Xbox gamers are so picky. And I appreciate that.

Unknownunknown5849d ago

The lines for blue dragon and lost odyssey were the longest in the entire event. 90 minute wait in line just to get in to play or see Blue Dragon.