Gaming in the real world

Fred Hunt looks into the world of gaming and compares it to his own experiences in the Armed Forces. He asks some tough rhetorical questions and looks at how "ever more realistic" gaming compares to actual combat?

"Having spent most of my working life in the Armed Forces and spending most of my spare time fragging in 'realistic' 3D environments, I believe I'm in a position where I am pretty qualified to answer that question. So, bearing this in mind, I thought I'd put metaphoric pen to paper and see if I could come up with an answer."

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mighty_douche4670d ago

They're exactly the same, my mate died 40 times in Iraq, just respawned at the base.

marinelife94670d ago

They need to make a game with all that in it. A game where you have to be extremely careful. Lots of players. Fully destructible environments. Realistic physics. And if you are just wounded you have to figure out a way to get back to base or for your teamates to.

GameClearer4670d ago

is it just me or does fred hunt rhyme with stupid cu#t?