Microsoft Had My 360 Whacked (And Other Fun Stuff)

Ripten writes:

"Anyone who's been following the news (or rumors, as Microsoft would have you believe) knows that I have not been having much luck with my 360. From the general Xbox Live problems that many people are experiencing to the disappearing achievements that I supposedly made up, things are not working the way they should. Microsoft apparently didn't appreciate my whistle-blowing, however, because they've decided to shut me up by having my 360 clipped."

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Twizlex4664d ago

People take this stuff too seriously. I'm pretty sure the dude was half kidding. He even says "Do I really think Microsoft or some hacker broke my 360? No, not really. It is a strange coincidence, but that’s probably all it is."

Some people take this stuff too personal. That ripten site seems to be a little humorous and not so serious all the time, and I like that. People need to stop getting so worked up and lay off the fanboy juice.

I thought the article was funny and a good read, that's why I submitted it in the first place.

toughNAME4664d ago

see all these intelligent comments?

This site doesn't need articles like this...thats why I reported

gamesR4fun4664d ago

Dont mess with the maker ;)

Twizlex4663d ago


So this site doesn't need news if it is humorous and upsetting to the fanboys? I think this is just the kind of story n4g needs more of. I don't like vanilla news. If this guy had a completely non-personal story with the same basic concept - that Microsoft needs to fix its problems - it would be more okay then? Or do you just not like the story because it is more negative news about the 360? No matter what the story is about, you're going to get douchebags leaving stupid comments. If you don't want stories on here that people will make stupid comments about, then you won't have very much left to put on the site.

heavyarms4664d ago

Thats what you get for reporting lies you moron.

nevelo074664d ago

report lies we all know the xbox360 is junk when it comes to hardware man

wageslave4664d ago

? has sold far more than twice the PS3.
? makes PSN look like Modem gaming on the C64.
? dominates Multi-Media features.
? that sells more software per-console.
? that generates more than half the market revenue, leaving Wii & PS3 to split the minority share.

? == Xbox 360.

Time to give up the hate child.

guerojose4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

? has sold far more than twice the PS3.

-- Wrong. Has sold to date 78% more than the PS3 (16.48 M to 9.22 M - Including all the second, third, fourth systems people have had to buy.

? makes PSN look like Modem gaming on the C64.

-- Wrong. Unless by that you mean online gaming that actually WORKS.

? dominates Multi-Media features.

-- Wrong. And wishful thinking. PS3 media streaming, DIVX certification, Blu-ray, web browsing, video editing, all leave the 360 in the dust, frankly.

? that sells more software per-console.

-- Wrong. Unless you (predictably) don't consider time as part of the equation. There is absolutely nothing to support the claim that 360 owners buy more software in a given period of time. If you really want to make apples-and-oranges comparisons regardless of time on the market, then the 360 has got a loooong way to go to catch up with the PS2.

? that generates more than half the market revenue, leaving Wii & PS3 to split the minority share.

-- Someone's been listening to MS marketing speak again, but I'll go ahead and give you this one. As if "revenue" is relevant, which it isn't. You think any company would prefer revenue over profit? Nintendo is taking the lion's share of profit in the market right now.

SoulReaper4664d ago

what i dont get is that xbots still support this type of service..Its just wrong..

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