Resistance 2: Video Interview With Ted Price

Now one of the most anticipated titles of 2008, Resistance 2 has taken the gaming community with intrigue in its offering of the most unprecedented Online experience for any console to date. Game Informer interview Ted Price on the development of the highly awaited triple AAA sequel to Resistance: Fall Of Man.

Part One is provided underneath, don't forget to watch Part Two and Part Three as showed on the source.


This is the full interview. The other parts of the interview are on the thread link in the source. Just click View Video and you'll see the links or click on Alternative Links

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AznSniper4672d ago (Edited 4672d ago )

Here's a better one. The interviews all put into one video.

Meus Renaissance4672d ago

I think the YouTube version is better as it shows the interview in a better quality.

masterg4672d ago

Good link.. Longer interview.

sonarus4672d ago

100 ft tall bosses. I love boss battles all the great games have them gears of war god of war resident evil 4, mgs4 e.t.c. Hopefully killzone can do better than the lame mini bosses here and there but i am glad to see it added to resistance 2. i can't wait to see the game in motion. I am sure insomniac will be releasing gameplay videos soon probably by fall. WOnder if the game will be playable at GDC. Regardless ps3 had the strongest lineup going into 08 with the most promising games adding resistance jst makes it more robust then team ico could be dropping their games this yr as well... Hopefully no more delays and then home can come out as well as all the exclusives and more importantly AAA quality exclusives. Considering msoft isnt saying much they would have to toss out a lot of exclusives to compare

BobDog4672d ago

the rest of the interview is under alternative sources

nicholascage244672d ago (Edited 4672d ago )

a month ago no one was even talking about Resistance 2. People were talking about ff13,mgs4,Gears 2,Killzone 2 and other games

But as soon as the 60player online of r2 was revealed everything seeemed to have changed

i am sure although epic would not be able to give Guerilla a run for their money R2 is surely mking them shiver in their boots

amazing that 2 ps3 games would fight each other for GOTY glory and hype

BobDog4672d ago

but im most looking forward to 8 player coop, i havnt played a good coop since sven coop, the mod for hl1...

this is #1 on my list and a first day buy

mikeslemonade4672d ago

Now which xbox 360 game shows the evolution of a system from 1st generation to 2nd generation to 3rd generation? The xbox 360 should already have a 3rd generation game becuase it more than 2 years old now, but they don't. This is because the the 360 is built with comtemporary hardware so there's only two generations so far and that's Kameo and Gears of War. And the sales have showed since Gears of War sales have decline until the games that MS invested heavily on which is bioshock, Halo 3, and Mass Effect were released that saved them to have a descent year. The 360 still sold the same as they did in 2006.

BobDog4672d ago (Edited 4672d ago )

im just gonna say this, i havnt nothing against 360, now

the 360 is basically a cheap pc turned console, thats why i never bought a 360, because i already have a good pc...

with that said 360 is easy to program for because its so similar to a pc, thats prolly why ATM they have better games (not 2008 if all goes well =P) but because they could program so well for it so fast they probably hit the limit of the 360 power very fast, and so the games might not get any bettre then the ones now released beacsue they have already hit the peak

did any1 follow that jibberish?

mikeslemonade4672d ago

Where as PS3 which is hard to develop for early early on, but the potential is greater because they take the risk of primarily banking on power vs developer benefits and it pays off. This strategy has worked for Sony for the PS1, PS2, PSP all were hard to develop for but in the end it pays off. The samething will happen to the PS3.

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Jdash244672d ago

Sounds amazing, I cant wait for this fall

my most anticipated game of 2008

cant wait for some 30vs30 team deathmatches, i hope they bring back some of the resistance 1 maps (the church one is my fav)

BobDog4672d ago

60 people packed into that =D

Jdash244672d ago

well if memory serves, they also had a map that had the church with the side streets ( i remember playing some ctf on it) im sure insomniac could expand the church level with the city and make it a much larger map

Kleptic4672d ago

if you are talking about manchester...there were all kinds of variations to it...

was a great map...sniping out of the hedges was always I haven't played that game since before the Warhawk beta went live...should check it out again; I never even tried any of the DLC...

mighty_douche4672d ago

more... more... MORE!!! i need info!!

Man this game has come out of no where and blown me away, i love the PSN open format allowing developers to create online communities and networking the way THEY want.

Resistance 1 still sets the bar for the online options (messaging and what not) for a PS3 game.


Lifendz4672d ago

They just make such quality games. I'm so hyped for this game. It's right behind Metal Gear on my most anticipated for 08.

Cwalat4672d ago

this is my most anticipated game, it just passed KZ2 and MGS4 on my list...

60p Online, 8 online co-op, 100 feet tall bosses, squads, vehicles, stalkers,

i am seriously having heart attack right now... and as if that isnt enough, my head just popped!

TwissT4672d ago

OHHHH man this article will heat up really fast.

mighty_douche4672d ago

seems over night its become the new KZ. stick Resistance 2 in the headline and they will come!

rightly so, looks (in everyway) amazing!