Ella Koon wears sexy cosplay outfit to promote Lost Odyssey

Ella Koon had her first taste of Cosplay today at an event to promote the Xbox game Lost Odyssey today, where she was joined by Japanese model. The two ladies dressed up as characters from the role playing game, showing off their cleavage in some tight corset dresses.

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Iron Man 24288d ago

wow way to promote the next Blue Dragon and Two Worlds on the Xbox 360

InYourMom4288d ago

Way to be a trolling fanboy douchebag.

caffman4287d ago

if I don't get LO. I'm not that bothered but.....nice costumes!

titntin4287d ago

Seriously lame,,, but if its helps to shift titles, then no bad thing.

I want this title, but too much of this might well put me off! :)