Top 9 Most Wanted Sequels

gamrReview: "There are some wonderfully innovative and original concepts that are perhaps remembered all the more fondly thanks to their one-off nature. This list is for them: the one off, now neglected titles that we'd just love to see given a new lease of life."

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Torillian2489d ago

Sequel to 3DDGH would be great, I'd love for them to revisit it and refine their gameplay to make a better classic 2D Zelda-type game.

Runa2162489d ago

3D Dot Game Heroes was one of the best hidden gems of this generation, we need more games like that. modelling it after Link to the Past would be phenomenal!

ATi_Elite2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

what a crap list so i'll make my own in no order!!

Heavenly Sword 2
Beyond Good and Evil 2
Mirror's Edge 2
Bayonetta 2
Jade Empire 2
Red Dead Redemption 2
Star Wars Battlefront 3
Star Wars Galaxies 2

Oh and that episode 3 game people talk about from time to time.

PonyMadeFromTacos2488d ago

Totally agree, but about RDR, considering that it isn't the first game in the "Red Dead" series, I doubt that it will be called RDR2.

deletingthis346753342488d ago

My favorite game from this generation. Ugly as f*** but the game is a very good replica of the Zelda gameplay and sets apart from the generic run of the mill "blockbuster" shooters. A sequel would have been awesome.

Hufandpuf2489d ago

it's called Read Dead Redemption. I've played Gun, and RDR is all you need. Until RDR2 of course.

sonicsidewinder2489d ago

I thought that was a top game.

CaitSith2489d ago

Can someone please show me a link to when 3D Dot Game Heroes was a planned Xbox 360 exclusive?

Torillian2489d ago

I don't think it was ever planned, way I heard it is just that it was offered to Microsoft for publishing and they passed.

JKelloggs2489d ago

I don't think it was a Xbox 360 exclusive, I think it's just the way it was written in the article, they were referring to the previous game on the list, not in context to 3DDGH being a Xbox 350 exclusive :)

CaitSith2489d ago

Thanks for clearing that up. It was bothering me.

Huwmor2489d ago

Wouldn't a sort of angry birds-style expansion be more in order for PvZ.Replace that or just add Starwars: Battlefront and this would be my ideal list too,I especially agree with the much maligned heavenly sword and mirror's edge picks. But more importantly...

Battlefront!!(and don't you go telling me it can't be done right without the original developers, there's a way dammit!)

sonicsidewinder2489d ago

shit, i accidently disagreed. Sorry bro.

Bubble for the trouble.

And yes! I loved Xwing Alliance anyways.

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The story is too old to be commented.