OXM US Preview: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

OXM US writes:

"Like the crumbling willpower of a gambling addict aching for just one more tug at a slot machine, Xbox's venerable Rainbow Six series is hopping a plane back to Las Vegas for another rollercoaster romp down The Strip. It shouldn't really be a surprise given how well last year's iteration went over, and after all, it's not like the decorated development team at Ubisoft's Montreal studio is just churning out Tom Clancy's Super Rainbow Six Hyper Gambling Problem II Turbo."

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Blademask4668d ago

"Xbox’s venerable Rainbow Six series"

Kleptic4668d ago

not only that...the R6 "series" hardly started on anything Xbox...I vaguely remember playing the first R6 around 10 years ago...on a PC...

BADBOYEK44668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Plourde pointed out Vegas 2’s improved lighting and better shadows, and then noted that optimizations the team was forced to make so Vegas would run well on the PlayStation 3 and its lesser memory complement are now benefiting 360 owners in the form of performance increases — i.e., a smoother framerate — for Vegas 2.
Case Closed the 360 will have the better version period. READ PAGE 3.

Blademask4668d ago

While the PS3 will have the better version of Resistance 2.

InYourMom4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

I read that as well and was wondering if someone would bring it up. Definately the 360 version is the one to get.

@2.1 - You mean Medal Of Honor(with Aliens) 2? Insomniac better step up now that they have to compete with Call of Duty 4 in the graphics department for FPS. So far the scans I've seen aren't impressing much.

DongHungLong4668d ago

And in what way is this saying the PS3 version won't be the same? It actually sounds like the same thing alot of developers have been saying lately. Optimizing for the PS3 helps to increase performance on both machines.

Kleptic4668d ago

I bid you 360 fanboys good luck...

Vegas 2 will most likely be the best fps the 360 gets all year...and absolutely will not be the best on the PS3...would suck for the PS3 to get the better version of the best shooter on the 360 for 2008...and the PS3 still having several other shooters that easily top it...

and InYourMom...Medal of Honor w/ aliens?...seriously...go kill yourself...

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UnblessedSoul4668d ago

Who cares about this game seriously?

BloodySinner4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Obviously not you and the legion of PS3 owners? =/

joydestroy4668d ago

yeah dude, the current Rainbow Six Vegas game is fuuucking awesome. i'd buy this game even if it just had better graphics than the first one. that's the only thing i see the current one lacking in. definitely a 1st day purchase, i don't care what reviewers have to say.

AAACE54668d ago

I guess you never played it!

R6: Vegas was one of the best shooters when it came out. And gamers spent countless hours playing that game. More than half of my friends list - are people I met while playing vegas on XBL. And all of them, and alot of other people on Live are waiting for this game as well!

With all the enhancements this new version will have... I'm sure this one will be on par... or even better than the original.

The R6 franchise didn't start on the 360. But, the Vegas version has been played more on the 360, which is why they associated it with the 360.

Anyone who doesn't care about this game, must not understand how much fun it is! Alot of people think that it's all tactical like previous versions... which is true! But in multiplayer, you combine tactical elements with the fun death match qualities we love so much. And with all the different modes of play - it kept some people playing for several hours at a time!

Get the new game... Or at least rent it! Everyone should at least try this game!

(I haven't played the new one, but if it is anything like the previous version... It should be a great title!)

THC CELL4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Wow writen from x box fan boys i see

Ps3 and x box will be the same

InYourMom4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Maybe you will see that it was a quote from the dev? Face it, the 360 gets the better version due to the benefits that result from the problems of programming on the PS3 and we are in the 2nd year of the PS3 now so this "they need to learn the Cell" crap isn't going to fly anymore.

Of course PS3 fanboys will say this game doesn't matter and sucks. But it was a huge title on the 360 and part 2 will be the same. The PS3 version was so delayed and had so many problems that many PS3 owners wrote it off. Anybody who loved the first one will have to get this because of that damn ending.

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