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Tom Chick (sigh):Let’s pretend it’s the 90s, when shooters are all about and only about shooting, when storylines have to be inserted between action bits like commercial breaks, when bullet time is the new hotness, when 80s style jumpshooting isn’t replaced by wirework yet, and when finding the next medkit is the single most important factor in determining whether you’re going to have to play this part over again.

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TBM4022d ago

i beat it yesterday and id give it a solid 9.25. i dont listen to idiot reviewers because they dont know what i'll like and dont like.

MattyG4022d ago

Oh my god, between quartertothree and destructoid, this has been a great day for terrible reviews.

Nimblest-Assassin4022d ago

Now I am going to explain why I posted this poor review. I liked Max Payne 3, I though it was a great game... but I posted this review to show you why metacritic is useless.

There are 2 reviewers who I can not stand, Scott C Jones and Tom Chick. The reason being they are ridiculously negative on games. Their reviews make no sense, they contradict each time they review a new game, and it just becomes ridiculous to read their reviews.

This is why metacritic is useless. What credentials do these reviewers have to be aggregated? Quarter to 3 is hardly a reputable site, hell most of the reviews are done by Mr.Chick. There are hundreds and hundreds of reviewing websites, each with their own opinons, but what makes these sites on the list and the other not on it?

It's this stupid idea that this score will be taken added to an average, and then the game gets this overall number placed on it, and people go apesh*t whenever that number goes up or down. I can not stand metacritic or gamerankings because of this idiotic system.

Thats why I posted this. People need to find a review site they trust, or make opinions for themselves. Screw this number that is assigned to a game. Screw review scores. They really are a cheap and easy way to get gamers attentions, good or bad scores. Hell now a days people read reviews to find the problems with the score, and complain about things in the review soley due to the score. Why do you care so much? Ignore the opinion and the score if it doesn't match yours.

Review scores and metacritic and gamerankings need to die.

They are ruining gaming, because no one cares about the opinion, only the number.

MattyG4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Bravo! Encore! I agree completly. Also, who's to say what score means what. To me, a 5/10 is middle of the road, but to the next guy it might mean total garbage. There are so many different ranking systems and interpretations of them that there is really no way to get an accurate representation of the quality of a game with a number. Number scores should just be banned altogether so people have to read the opinion and make their own descision instead of saying, "Oh, well this has a (insert score) from (insert reviewer), it must be (insert opinion)." (I feel like I rambled on for a bit there, but someone will be able to figure out what I meant haha.)

WolfLeBlack4022d ago

Sadly review scores are used because publishers love them, and so to keep publishers happy the sites use them.

I still use scores on my own site because I do believe there's a place for them in the industry, but I also think it's entirely wrong that publishers often won't talk to sites that don't use a scoring system.

It's a bit like how a Metacritic score can now have massive impacts on the industry.

MattyG4022d ago

@WolfLeBlack I actually feel bad for developers, because I've heard recently that many times their bonuses hinge on the game getting a high Metacritic score. This practice is just ridiculous , because low scores like these and Jim Sterling's Burning Skies review can drag a great metacritic score down significantly.

mafiahajeri4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Good job no sorry great job!! Way to prove a point. I wholeheartedly agree it's sad to see gamers these days basing there purchases on reviews. Some people even ignore good reviews and are swayed away from a purchase by one negative review, as if basing your video game purchases on metacritic wasn't bad enough. I will never forget the ign pes 2008 fiasco where they gave the game a 9 when it is universally known among pes fans as the worst pes game in the decade of this series. Why did they give it a 9 you ask? Well because there was ign advertisements in the game. I have no confidence in video game journalism when it comes to reviews. All were left with is sites that want hits and in turn they've spoiled the credibility of reviewers, for me at least...

fallacious4022d ago

Oh look, another site looking for hits.

Holeran4022d ago

I won't click on the link because I am not going to give this asshat the satisfaction. I've played the campaign and the multiplayer alot and if this guy thinks the game deserves less than an 8 he is a pathetic waste. I give the game a solid 9.25 and there is a ton of games that rate better than this but can't hold a candle to it.

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