Eurogamer: Rez HD First Impressions

Eurogamer writes:

"Rez doesn't sound like much on paper (or Internet). You travel along a predetermined path using a lock-on mechanism to fire upon up to eight enemies at once. Blue power-ups gradually increase your health, allowing you to "evolve" into different forms, with successful enemy attacks reducing your growth by one stage of evolution, while red power-ups add to your stock of "Overdrives", which blitz whatever's in front of you when activated. There's a boss at the end of each of the game's five biggish levels, followed by a boss-rush finale that concludes with a bigger set-piece battle against an AI called Eden, which - if you're bothered about the fiction - it's your job to reboot."

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permutated4664d ago

This is on my top 5 for 2008.

One of the best games ever created.

Armyless4664d ago

If you're an intelligent person, you'll truly appreciate the artistry of the last level of REZ.

Enjoy this masterpiece.