Apple's MacBook Air: evolution, not revolution

Scott Bradner of writes:

"[In his Macworld 2008 keynote], Steve [Jobs] introduced the MacBook Air - the "world's thinnest notebook." [...] But I am a bit disappointed. The MacBook Air is no iPhone. This is not a product that will change the definition of a class of products like the iPhone did to smart phones."

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PMR_214670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

SUCK IT microSHAFT(i.e. Vista)

mboojigga4670d ago


You live in a trailer park huh?

I seriously doubt MS is worried about Apple's laptop when they don't make laptops or computers. Maybe you meant Dell.....dumb*ss

PMR_214670d ago

I'm talking about their s*** operating systems..enjoy all those viruses while my macbook continues to run like a dream

GIJeff4670d ago

ive never had a computer virus. And i can play any game that comes out. Have fun with yor weak library and your one mouse button you tool.

socomnick4670d ago

Guys no point in arguing with him hes just some little kid that hates all of Microsofts products because of the whole console wars. I hate children.

wind_dragon4670d ago

i'm still using 2k because its the most reliable out of all the MS OS(s). i do feel awkward when i use MACs tho, so LINUX FTW! lol.(y doesn't nobody like linux?)

jaja14344670d ago


I was forced to start using it this year(because of school) and I must say after a couple of days of tinkering with it, I must say it's quite nice. Loads faster, visuals are a lot better with Ubuntu and other such things. But having said that I find networking and basic software installation easier on Vista. Granted it's not participially hard on Linux once you figure it out, just not as simple as point and click.

And installing the video drivers, yesh what a pain...Until I found Envy that is.

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mighty_douche4670d ago

It a slim laptop. thats it really.

Mind you, its a super coooool slim laptop. Pretty good spec to, id like to see some benchmarks for the solid state HDD option.

I've been thinking about getting a MacBook, but this Air has just put a spanner in the woorks for me. Big price difference mind, £1200 here in the UK.

mikeslemonade4670d ago

It's the end of an age really. They got something so thin that they can't make it any thinner. The next thing will have to be made out of a different kind of material kind of like the bend-able video screens.

jaja14344670d ago

It's was done a few years back in Japan. And I think the OLED is capable of doing it also.

Azures4670d ago

A notebook w/o a cd drive, 5 hr battery, and no ability to change hdd or memory.

yea thanks apple, you made a nice looking paperweight.

v1c1ous4670d ago

macs are superior. with your clunky pc, you HAVE to upgrade several parts, modify the settings, apply changes at your own leisure with every new update that comes along. that's so last gen!

but with macs, when its outdated, you just throw it in the garbage and buy the new one that comes out for $1500+

so convinient!

Leathersoup4670d ago

Guaranteed to catch fire 30% faster than the previous model!!!

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