Xbox gamers pay good money to be bombarded with ads

Do Xbox gamers appreciate paying Xbox Live subs only to be bombarded with adverts - now with added Peters.

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bunt-custardly2431d ago

Yeh this sucks. Nowhere is safe now. You live with it or get all worked up. Sadly you can't opt in or out of these things. Although maybe MS will introduce an ad free Platinum tier subscription for Xbox Live in the future.

3GenGames2431d ago

No, ads should pay for live and paid should have ZERO ads, period.

EVILDEAD3602431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

LMAO @ people still whining about Live..

MSClassicfail you DONT have to click on ANY ad period whether it's interactive or not. They wouldn't know because they are NOT a MS site and NEVER have been.

It's all about hit and it always will be.

Actually gamers on Live sould care less about ads that I'm not interested and and have no effect on ANY second of my gaming.

I could cere less of N4G makes money on the ads to the right or if MS makes money off of ads that are on Live.

But guess who

I actually do love ads that are about gaming and movies and sometimes shows I'm into. Again, my choice to click on them..

But hey at the end of the day a few pebbles in the sand who don't own Xboxes or subscribe to Live will will hate, but it won't stop the 20 million who do subscribe.

Same stuff different day..yawn.


Hisiru2431d ago

People annoyed by ads should keep in mind that people is dying in Iraq/Afghanistan and there is more things to worry about.

Pushagree2431d ago

I get no ads on psn. Anyone who pays for this is an idiot. Not trolling. Just stating a fact.

Brosy2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Live is better than PSN, fact. So keep your shitty free service. There is only a small box on the dashboard in the lower right hand corner that contains ads. It's not impeeding my enjoyment whatsoever. I couldn't tell you what the hell they advertise in that little space. You have never had Live so you don't know what youre talking about.

Oh and fuck you and your idiot comment you troll son of a bitch.

RBlaze2431d ago

Why do people make out like a fiver a month is a big deal?! Seriously, it is ridiculous. I can guarantee that for the majority of people (in employment) on here who complain about this fee would not even notice if a fiver disappeared from their account.. Probably 100% if it didn't show on the bank statement.... A fiver is what causes all these damned arguments! seriously,,, it is ridiculous.

And on to the ads... Anyone who lives in the uk and watches tv is littered with ads (I can't comment on the us because I don't live there, but from the us sport I watch, I can only assume that it is similar for you guys). Bottom line is that tv ads get up in your face... A link that appears in the corner doesn't.

And the irony of this whole ad argument is absolutely outrageous. Half the people complaining about ads probably wouldn't know this site existed were it not for them. That big game show that we are all waiting for... Yknow... E3.. Guess what?! That's a GIANT ADVERT! Most of the films that you go to see this year... How do you think you heard about them?

C'mon guys... Let's stop this pointless battle. As soon as someone thinks the 360 has a prob, the ps guys jump in. As soon as someone thinks the ps has a prob, the ms guys jump in! What's the point?! More irony of this is that half of the culprits are doing so because they see tethers doing it... And they mindlessly follow suit... Just like being influenced by a frwaking advert!


TheBlackSmoke2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Oh look we gotta bad ass over here !!

Apparently XBL p2p is better than PSN's p2p.../s

TekoIie2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Can someone please tell me where to find all these ads? I can only see one ad telling me I can get XBL half price. If ps+ was half price I would want to know so whats the difference? Why are there articles about XBL ads WHEN I don't see my dashboard bombarded with ads...

When I go to see a movie there are ads...
When I park my car at a shopping mall there are ads...
When I am driving to work there are ads.....

But XBL is different right???

EVILDEAD3602430d ago

'Why are there articles about XBL ads WHEN I don't see my dashboard bombarded with ads'

It's because MSworld doesnt actually own an Xbox360 or have Xbox Live..they make claims like this and play to the fan kids who eat up as real for hits.

Again it was a 'fake' Xbox site from day one and nothing has changed. Either way the site is harmless as a baby because 360 owners and Xbox Live owners know the truth.


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Amazingmrbrock2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

There is a way to opt out. It's called playing games on one of the other ten systems you can play video games on.

Edit; For the record thats ps3 psvita wii nds 3ds iphone android pc web and board/card games. All of which currently have awesome games being released and in development.

calibann2431d ago

Why is everyone so up in arms over this. The ads are just banners, much like the one on the right of your screen ----------------->

Personally, I'm okay with it, but mark my words, the day Ads start to disrupt gameplay or make the user wait for paid content is the day Xbox Live dies.

My gaming PC is slowly weaning me off of the 360 anyway. ;P

3GenGames2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

@1.2.1 above me: Apparently you're one of the few people who hasn't discovered and hasn't become an avid user of AdBlock yet. You need to get on that.

Raoh2431d ago

well said Amazingmrbrock

live doesn't offer anything special worth paying for.

ms is a software company that also sells servers and server tools, their servers for the most part will always be better than most of the competition.

the only thing my ps3 is missing is xchat which is overrated(I'm playing a game, leave me alone. and an ms patent) as well as drop in drop out game invite, would love this feature.

that's it. not worth paying for, i get this on pc/steam hell ms offeres it for free on windows live only xbox console fools love to pay for it.

ms dropped the windows live fees when gamers fought back and decided to not play on windows live, xbox fans said "no need to drop the fees, we willingly want to pay you for stuff that has been free for years"

calibann2430d ago

Oh i'm very much aware of Adblock. I just don't have a bitch fit when I see an advert on the internet.

20 people disagree that I don't mind seeing Ads. Okay then.

MrBeatdown2430d ago


"Why is everyone so up in arms over this. The ads are just banners, much like the one on the right of your screen ----------------->"

That's in your browser where you are accessing a free website supported by nothing but ads. Ads on the dashboard are more akin to ads right on your desktop or in your task bar, something I'm sure you, or anyone would take issue with, whether they are just simple banners or not. It's not about what they are. It's where they are.

Even on sites like N4G, advertisements are minimal. I see two banners on the side right now. Neither interfere with functionality. Still, millions use ad blockers.

But, for example, on the games tab on my dashboard, I've got "My Games" and "Game Marketplace" panels. All my games, on my game console, under the games tab, is given a single panel out of the five. To me, that's ridiculous. One is used to get to the the game marketplace. The other three panels, including the biggest, are advertising something, whether it's third party or Xbox-related. One's advertising Diablo III for PC, one is advertising sales, and the main one is advertising Trials and Batman DLC. Instead of using that space for making things like my game stuff more accessible, like achievements, installed demos, installed games, and arcade games, they're used to make Microsoft's stuff more visible. That would be perfectly fine if it was limited to marketplace sections, but it's not. On almost every tab of the OS in MY game console, there is somebody trying to sell me something.

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tokugawa2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

msxbox world are finally getting the leech-hits-from-n4g formula right.

thats right, just write a blog, sorry article criticising ms or sony and watch the hit meter fill up.. well done!

but, they have not got it 100% correct. because of the nature of n4gs community, most will not bother clicking the link, and will just join in the party.

whereas something criticising sony will get them all clinking the link so they can attack the article. keep trying though


leave it out. what and where are all these huge ads?? coz i certainly dont see or take any notice of them

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BDSE2431d ago

Yeah because thats what the world needs an extra teer of being ripped off by Microsoft for services that are free on every other platform.

Next gen I'm only buying one console and it'll be a console with free online gaming.

Kingnichendrix2430d ago

@Brosy How is it a fact? I fail to see this fact? Don't call something inferior when you try and justify having to pay for something that makes you watch adds.

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ShadesMoolah2431d ago

It's not at all surprising. While Xbox gamers might like their Pizza, the only time I'd want to see something like this on the Dashboard is not as an advert but a useable app.

Imagine it's Halo 4/Black Ops 2 launch night, you can launch your fast food app on Xbox 360 and make your purchase with Microsoft points, have it delivered to your door, and some virtual pizza for your Avatar to even enjoy. Err, or mayne NO!

Heck, we even got Van Damme's mullet hair-do on the UK marketplace with all the Coors beer promotions.

mayberry2430d ago

I do that, kind of, on my ps3. I was playing killzone 3, went to web browser, "papa johns", ordered, went back to killzone, pizza delivered ! Without getting up! jus sayin :)

RaidensRising2431d ago

Microsoft probably thinks this is really cool where gamers cant get enough of these promotions. *Sigh*.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32431d ago

What do people think commercials are when watching cable? I here people complain about Hulu on PC having ads, and it's free, so we basically live in a world that no one will ever be satisfied living in, lol.

GraveLord2431d ago

Ever heard of PSN?
Free online with no ads.

It's the same with Wii and most likely Wii U.

Microsoft is greedy. Plain and simple.

Bladesfist2431d ago

That was not his point, He was saying that people don't even want a free service like HULU to have ads (How will it make money?)

ChunkyLover532431d ago

This is business, maybe one day Unicef will get into the game business, but I doubt it.

Seriously though, there are ads everywhere, have you ever watched a Baseball game on Fox? Ads are right in the batters box.

This is the way things are, I pay a lot of money for NFL Sunday ticket, but they still show ads.

Sony isn't free from this sort of thinking.

Hopefully that patent never sees reality, but if it does, count me out.

I wouldn't exactly say the Wii or Sony at the moment have ad free online, both highly advertise their own products and in Sony's case, their own shows.

Its not a case of greedy Microsoft and the others not being greedy. People are just quick to jump on Microsoft because its a paid service, but that doesn't mean they cant run ads.

Do ads suck? Sure, but its not going to hamper anything in the long run, and we might as well get used to them, they are just going to get worse.

Kingdom Come2430d ago

Greedy? No, they're a business, a business that provides a fantastic service of which features non-frustrating advertising.

GraveLord, you're well known as a Call of Duty fanboy, and yet you call Microsoft greedy for putting a few advertisements on to their massive online service? At least they change up Xbox Live quite regularly...

Kingnichendrix2430d ago

@Kingdom Come Yeah your right their not greedy for charging money every month and making their customers watch adds so they can make more money.

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Bimkoblerutso2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

First of all, people started REALLY complaining about the HULU ads when they started running them even for HULU Plus members.

Second of all, what kind of logic is it to suggest that we shouldn't be aggravated by this because it has become commonplace in a completely different industry? I think we can all agree that ads and commercials are just as goddamned annoying on TV as they will be here. It's just that nothing can be done at this point.

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