GameDaily Preview: Resident Evil 5

GameDaily writes:

"In a run down, dusty town that looks like it's located somewhere in Africa, a new infection spreads, setting the stage for Resident Evil 5. Although there haven't been many details revealed about the fifth installment, the developers announced that it would be the first true sequel to the Resident Evil series instead of a side story, most likely picking up from part four. The new installment will also mix old and new elements, with Chris Redfield (the lead from the original Resident Evil) as the main character. An unannounced female character will also appear."

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Cwalat4666d ago

this isn't new stuff but anything that includes RE gets my attention!!

damnit they didnt say anything about Wesker... Although if this is a continuing of the story more than just sidestory than Wesker will surely be involved in this one as well, :D

predator4666d ago

there hasnt been any new news really, shame cos i really want this game

mighty_douche4666d ago

bah.... went and got my hopes up : (

RelloC_ReBorn4666d ago

damn you predator for posting this false hope.

OOG FunK4666d ago

article failed when they said africe when they confirmed it was haiti.......PASS

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The story is too old to be commented.