Blu-Ray Vs. HD DVD and the Sony PS3 Vs. Xbox 360

Technical Editor Paul Rako:

"The point was that HD-DVD has lost. As I always pulled for HD-DVD this disturbs me, I like the cheaper duplication costs and at least some potential for cost-effective burners in our PCs. When Francis sent the movie out he made the quip 'Time to go buy a Sony PS3'. I forwarded the movie to a bunch of pals including Todd Murchison, a software guru, gamer and all around Renaissance man. Last year Todd told me that he uses a PS3 as a media server. He said the wireless features alone make it pretty cool. Todd responded with these comments about the PS3."

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Boink4663d ago

I wonder where these comments will go.

wageslave4663d ago

What? Random fanboy blogposting uninformed and ridiculous claims about what the PS3 does that the Xbox 360 does not?

Add in some "frat boy" red-herring, and straight to the top of N4G fueled by the built-in Sony fanboy-base it goes.

Kyur4ThePain4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

Does the 360 have wireless capabilities out of the box?
The PS3 does.

Can you dual boot the 360?
The PS3 can.

Does the 360 natively support local DivX files?
The PS3 does.

Do 80% of movie studios now support the 360's format for HD movies?
They do the PS3.

Yup, all uninformed and ridiculous.

You were up until the early hours of this morning resurrecting old discussions by adding old, tired and frankly, "uninformed and ridiculous" comments, so I wouldn't speak if I were you. Maybe you just need some sleep.

I agree that too many blogs are being submitted as news articles, but you can't say that what is being said in this one is untrue.

uxo224663d ago

How in DEE hell does a story like this get approved. N4G has completely lost control of it's users. I mean know what, forget it, it's not worth anymore of my time.

whoelse4663d ago

I think wageslave is jealous that he hasn't got a PS3 ;)

whengeeksgobad4663d ago

the 360 is capable of nearly all that the ps3 is in terms of a home theater media streaming client. True, there is no native divx but since the content is being streamed, its not something that should prevent someone from trying with the xbox. I personally just hooked up a 750 gb mybook to my 360 and use it to store all the movies I want to watch and it works quite well. You are right about the dual boot, I simply don't many ps3 users who have taken advantage of it. It was my understanding that they hadn't figure out yet how to use video hardware acceleration on the linux side of things but I really haven't looked into this lately. It's something I plan to try out when I eventually get my ps3.

The thing that drives me the most nuts about this format war is the notion that people believe it was sony vs microsoft. Microsoft didn't play anywhere near the part people kind of just assumed they had. MS simply:
1) Authored HDI: the interactive features that HD-DVD opted to use as part of their format standard.
2) Authored VC-1: a codec used by *BOTH* HD-DVD AND BLU-RAY. For example WB uses the exact same VC-1 encode of a movie for both HD-DVD and Blu.

Sure, MS stood to benefit if hd-dvd took off as royalties for HDI would roll in. I'm not certain of how it all works but I'm under the impression they receive royalties when people opt to use their codec (VC-1) on BR titles anyway, so they already have their finger in that pie. The ps3 definitely won the for format war for sony, but they didn't beat the xbox's HD-DVD. They beat TOSHIBA's HD-DVD. MS only came up with the add-on to be able to say their offering could compete with the ps3. They did not create the add-on with the intent to save or bolster the format (IMO).

Kyur4ThePain4663d ago

Bubbles up for conducting a rational discussion on the topic.
Well said.

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Dmack794663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

This could get way outta hand pretty quickly. It's gonna get awefully hot in here.

2008 = Sony's/PS3's/Blu-ray's year. I think I might purchase some more PS3's . 1 to run Linux, 2 to use for Blu-ray and other stuff, and the one I have currently. I can now see why Sony said it will hit 11,000,000 PS3 units sold by March.

disgaea4663d ago

why did bloodmask submit a pro-ps3 / anti- 360 article

man this story will start a huge flame war

time to put up the super flame shield*

Bathyj4663d ago

I think he got a PS3 for Christmas.

And he doesn't comment much anymore. Hes too busy playing games now.

PSWe604663d ago

let it burn...
and by that I mean turn on your Sh*t box-3 fix-me and let it over heat after an hour

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