PixelJunk Monsters Set to Launch Next Week

Q-Games President and Executive Producer Dylan Cuthbert talks on the Official Playstation Blog about the impending release of PixelJunk Monsters next week. He gives insight into how the game is played and how to use different towers in this "Tower Defense" type game.

As an added bonus, he admits that Q-Games was the company behind the new "Earth" PS3 music visualizer stealthily released with PS3 Firmware 2.10. He also mentions his company will continue to create demos and visualizations to show off the power of the PS3.

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Luca Blight4670d ago

This game has been on my radar for a while. Should be a fun little RTS diversion. Reminds me of building 8 billion towers in Warcraft 2.

Skerj4670d ago

Same here man, some of my most fond memories from WC3 were playing tower defense online with my brother and friends. I can't wait for PJM, it shall give me many hours online on PSN.

GamerMan4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

Since I'm an addict for Desktop Tower Defense games this is right up my alley and I can finally have a tower defense game to play on my PS3 since the webversions do not (still wondering when they are going to up our internet browser capabilities)

Can't wait til next Thursday

EDIT** Just watched the video ... it will be remote play enabled. So we can play this on our psp also :)

StalkingSilence4669d ago

coolest part is that the game is fully playable via psp remote play