Mac gamers still being shafted

From the article: "With an expected (Call of Duty 4) release some time in May, it seems that the Apple fans out there (myself included) can look forward to this fantastic title hitting the shelves of obscure retailers sometime within the next 5 months, more than 7 months after its multi-platform debut.

I wish Apple would trade their black turtleneck sweaters for a "wife-beater" with some of these developers. Instead of building a notebook computer that shatters the first time you close it too hard, go back and establish an identity that has less to do with Caramel Macchiatos and more to do with actual "fun"."

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Skerj4670d ago

Hah this is the one you want:
Classic but still very good. Oh how I miss, they reviewed games the hardcore way. ..drunk!!

Tsukasah4670d ago

That was downright retarded.

Anyways, how about us Linux users? I find it evil that most developers create their games on Linux but yet, how many games do you see made FOR Linux? Sure, there's WINE and Cedega... but the only major game I've ever found that's for Linux is EVE-ONLINE. I wouldn't mind seeing WoW or even some older PC games...

socomnick4670d ago

yea m8 I know that video was stupid. It was so stupid it was kinda funny :).

mighty_douche4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

Lots of press lately surrounding Mac's and gaming. A sure sign that its on its way?

Personally, id love to have a high spec Mac, if anything just for a change from windoes. Apple will have to lower their prices ALOT to attract a PC gamer.

JSA-Gamer4670d ago

This needs to happen tomorrow, not five months down the road...

LGFreedom4670d ago

who wants to play call of duty 4 on the mac anyway???

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The story is too old to be commented.