Top 10 Most Terrifying Video Game Characters

CheatCC writes: As a fan of the horror genre, I've gone up against some of the most terrifying things imaginable. I've seen mannequins come to life, murderous ghost children, massive pink wheelchair demons, and even a blood-spewing behemoth made of human corpses. One of the (many) great things about video games is that those who create them build their worlds and the twisted creatures that inhabit them from nothing. This means the twisted mockeries of sanity you encounter were created with the sole purpose of making you fear-pee yourself as you run to your mother's open arms. Here are ten spine-chilling creatures that did just that.

xer04027d ago

Siren... simply awesome.

I see the walking dead borrowed a bit from this game. And I'm not talking about the episodic stuff.

SonyStyled4027d ago

unfortunately its a download only in NA. i cant see many people, myself included spending $40 on a 3 year old game we cant physically hold. i thought about importing at one point

xer04027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

You should try importing from

I live in the UK but sometimes order from which serves, mainly the US.

Better yet - try ebay.

The atmosphere and story in this game is really underrated.

r214027d ago

the shibitos were awesomely designed for horror. they did the right job of being scary and just plain freaky. btw, good list :D imagine a game with all these characters D:

Solid_Snake374027d ago

Oh god I'm still scarred from the hospital episode with the freaky nurse...

r214027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

oh yeah the ones crawl on their backs on all four? man they freaked the hell out of me D: