BioShock Is Just Robocop

Via PC Zone:

"RoboCop was on the telly there a few nights back. As well as remembering what an amazing movie it is, I was shocked at the similarities between it and PC Zone favourite, BioShock. Now you too will be shocked, when I present these similarities to you in a series of bullet points. There will be spoilers, mind."

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Ignorant Fanboy4666d ago

I read the first four reasons and came to this conclusion immediately.

Really, Bioshock is like robocop, they were both released on a DVD. See the similarities?

ben8064666d ago


marioporter4666d ago

Wha...? Robocop and Bioshock? This guy is reaching. Really, REALLY reaching.

HuntTheWumpus4666d ago

I didn't realize the Robocop story took place in an underwater city where genetic enhancements are all the rage.

BLUR1114665d ago

yea this just blows my mind , forget him smoking crack the guy who made this story is trippin balls

Leathersoup4666d ago

BioShock has a better story, a better environment, and even better acting.

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The story is too old to be commented.