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Worldwide Chart for Week Ending 12th January 2008 With Japan # included.

VGChartz reports for the week ending January 12th, 2008, Console sales were as follows:

DS: 388,049
Wii: 224,017
PSP: 207,156
PS3: 145,707
360: 132,996
PS2: 119,906

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MaximusPrime4696d ago

with Japan, PS3 is STILL outselling Xbox 360. Im not surprised. I heard this for the 4th time this month.

mikeslemonade4696d ago

The PS3 could have a 70,000 or 80,000 unit lead this week when the Japan data comes out. That would mean the gap is getting wider because last week it was a less than 60,000 unit lead. The 360 will be 3rd place this generation it's inevitable.

BobDog4696d ago

the japan data has come out...
Worldwide Chart for Week Ending 12th January 2008 With >>>Japan # included.<<<<

Cyrus3654696d ago


This data, includes the Japan #. ;)

paul_war4696d ago

I miss the xmas sales, oh well, back to reality

masterg4696d ago

I miss em too.

But lets see if the GTA4/MSG4 combo in the coming months cant surpass it.
If the PS3 games hold the release dates they have now it's set up for a perfect spring and fall.

Daishi4696d ago

Not likely Masterg simply because a lot of the casual gamers are not in the market at the time. It will be a wonderful few months but it simply wont touch the numbers of Christmas simply because of less marketing, especialy considering you had one game in Sept. break every entertainment record to date. Having that happen less than a year down the road would be straight out far fetched.

Cyrus3654696d ago

I'm sure, MSoft, Sony, and Nintendo miss them christmas Sales as well!

Greysturm4696d ago

I hope we see some impresive numbers once the big games start to hit the one i am most intrigued about is mgs4 as its the only game i have heard a lot of people are waiting for to get the ps3.

mighty_douche4696d ago

What the big deal with "catching up" or "being #1"? as long as it gets the games and does what i want i dont care and nor should anyone who isnt directly effected by they're sales.

When i buy any hardware i dont buy purely on the highest seller... do you?

i dont mean to rant, but i simply cant get my head around why "gamers" care so much about sales figures. Go achieve for yourself.

FamilyGuy4696d ago

To answer the Douche above. The reason why we should care is stated in your very comment, the games we want. If our preferred console has lower sales than the next then it is that much likely to get passed up when a developer decides to make a game.

In other words, if they think they can make more money by going exclusive with another console then there's a good chance they will, so THATS good enough reason for me to want the PS3 to catchup. Install base means something, more than reliability apparently

power of Green 4696d ago

12 thousand now.

Also VG charts could have easily over counted either way or under counted(my bet is under counted the 360 and over guessing PS3 demand due to hype and news of the DVD market etc). Its safe to say that the consoles are actually selling the same and PS3 is going to have to be given away for it to catch up in one year.

fenderputty4696d ago

fact that they are at least selling on par with one another is something itself.

SWORDF1SH4696d ago

stop tryin to tart up the sales to make it look better for the xbox. the reason the gap is reduced is because the overal sales of the consoles are reduced. take a look at simple maths.
say if the ps3 sold 150 consoles and the xbox sold 100. thats 250 shares with the ps3 sellin 50 more.

100(total %)/250(number of total console) x 150 (numder of ps3's) = 60. so the 60% of the consoles sold in ps3's favour. and 40% to xbox

now look what can happen when sales of the consoles drop.
so say the next week 50 xboxs were sold and 75 ps3's sold. that a a total of 125 shares with the ps3 only sellin 25 more than the xbox but also a drop of 25 from last week. but when we do the math again
100(total %)/125(number of consoles) x 75 (number of ps3's) = 60. so thats still 60% of the sales for the ps3 and 40% sales to the xboxeven the xbox closed the gap down 25 for the previous week.

so going around sayin "the gaps now down to 12k" is jus stupid. we all kno you like f**kin the xbox's usb port. the funny thing is your are so far up ms's ass, big billy as now given you 2 red rings. one for your xbox and one from f**kin you up the a**. i like the xbox, i think its got good games but i hate ms and i hate idiots like you.

BobDog4696d ago

well he isnt as fanboyish as he use to be,

i reckon he is slowly gonna start coming to the darkside

HarryEtTubMan4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

Power of Xbot in 2007: The PS3 is a failure and will never beat the Xbo 360.

In Christmas 2007:(He said nothing because he was hiding with theMart or just saying stupid crap no one the Way the PS3, PS2 and PSP beat the Flop60.)

In the FIRST month on 2008: The PS3 "only" beat the Xbox by 12,000 this WEEK(which it will outsell it by more this was a smaller week)...which equals over 50,000 this month

By Christmas 2008: Still getting Owned.

By 2009: Getting Pwned even worse.

By 2010: Getting anally Butt raped.

peksi4695d ago

"big billy as now given you 2 red rings. one for your xbox and one from f**kin you up the a**."

Now that just blew me up! :D LOL

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Cyrus3654696d ago

PS3 outsold 360 last week worldwide by 80 K or so, this week, it's under 15 K.

So in the first 2 weeks of Jan, they have outsold 360,by 90K+...

rawd4696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

I'd like to see VG Charts include RMA numbers as well

Original working units vs. refurbs in the field