Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning sales spike following 38 Studios closure

GamerZines writes: "UK sales of action-RPG Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning have spiked in the past week following news that the company has shut its doors."

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moegooner884136d ago

Just got it from Zavvi for just 15 pounds, one of the best offers i have seen.

Blastoise4136d ago

Yeah I saw that deal. Zavvi have some good offers sometimes, I bought Disgaea 4 for £15 there too.

*Secret Zavvi employee*

user77927884136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

I know right when i saw it on there i shocked to see it for that price, brought it up straight away zavii has some great deals sometimes, i got the alien anthology blu ray set for like 8 pounds

showtimefolks4136d ago

hopefully it is selling well and hopefully EA or some publisher will buy the IP

dcbronco4135d ago

Buy the IP for what. So they can go out of business too?

showtimefolks4135d ago


seriously you don't know how Ip's work? its worth more than 20 million

ATi_Elite4136d ago

Many have said the game was good and a very solid experience.

Too bad most sites were too busy talking about Call of Duty or Syndicate (which sold like crap) instead of giving an upstart studio some shine.

EA should have done more to get the Positive feedback out instead of there constant STUPID banter about BF3 vs. MW3.

That's the problem with the Industry. Too many free gifts from big name publishers and big time studios end up sometimes drowning out the effort and quality from the little guys and upstarts.

.....and then too 38 Studios COMPLETELY BLEW THE BUDGET!!! Way to waste $75 mill! That should of been 3 games completed!!!

Noctis Aftermath4135d ago

I had seen plenty of reviews, news, advertisements for KoA on many gaming sites before and after its launch, i believe they had plenty of time in the spotlight.

If they used $75 million for that then they set their sights way too high, if they stayed below $50 mil im sure it would have been a much better success story.

Pretty much every single IP that is doing big numbers now started off much much smaller and built up the fanbase over several installments, this seems like they wanted the Elder Scrolls numbers on their first attempt! completely ridiculous.

turgore4135d ago

a new IP from a new developer would definetely have a hard time, then there are two issues.
1. Face it, the game looked generic.
2. How could it compete with Skyrim ?

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OmegaSlayer4136d ago

Bought it day one.
I did mine to save them.

Spydiggity4136d ago

same here. i really liked the game...even if it did become incredibly easy by the end.

and of course the sales are up...they're actually advertising the game now. i've seen quite a few ads on various web pages.

Felinox4136d ago

Agree completly. I even bought both DLC.
It did need to be more difficult though.

Spydiggity4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

about midway through the game i went from rogue to mage, and i could summon down a meteor that basically just one-shotted everything. or i could call down lightning that did the same thing.

it was great feeling ultra powerful at first, but then i realized they were never going to throw an enemy at me that was a challenge.

it really would have made for a good mmo.

one other complaint, the game had this tremendous art style that you never got to see because when you were running, the camera angled down on you.

the lore definitely held its own against elder scrolls. and the scavenging and inventory systems were much more streamlined

jsslifelike4136d ago

It's probably the state of Rhode Island that's doing all of the new advertising...

mokopa4136d ago

Me too. Been enjoying and have not even finished it. Repeat after me, hack slash, level up, hack, slash, level up. Who is this diablo 3 dude, cant u see Iam busy here.

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aPerson4136d ago

Publishers (EA in particular, since they published the game) would be foolish not to consider buying the IP off 38 Studios for a large sum of money (that could help them pay off debts).

This franchise STILL has "big huge" potential. Hopefully Reckoning won't be the last KoA game.

execution174136d ago

agreed, would of sold more if it had mp :/ main reason why quite a few people passed on it

Basjohn4136d ago

No no no noooo.

Stop it.


We do not need EVEN MORE single-player experiences ruined with MP. Let singleplayer be singleplayer or we'll be stuck with codspawn till we all die of oldage.

execution174136d ago

was just saying it would of sold more if it did have mp, bought it day one and idc if it had mp or not ^_^ still love playing it

Dzpool4136d ago

Should of had coop offline and online

DarthJay4136d ago

I am really hoping for a last minute miracle.

@Basjohn - no multiplayer, but it would have been more fun with co-op. I understand why it is not there, but it still would have been fun to drop in and out of games with friends.

Rampaged Death4136d ago

I'm picking mine up this week. I feel bad for not getting it day one.

torchic4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

don't feel bad. I love this game loads but as a student I can't afford shelling out €70 for a new game. so I don't blame anyone for not buying a game at original price.

game publishers need to realize that they will sell more games (especially new IPs) by selling the game cheaper. it's common sense, an easy to understand business model. games that sell in their millions might not make as much money, but lesser known titles (the majority) will benefit.

snipes1014136d ago

There isn't anything to feel bad about here. None of us knew that the studio made the decision to use taxpayer's dollars to fund their game. Not until now anyhow.

If anything, this shoudl send a message to game developers to be a little more open about what their budgets are. If they had maybe told us about this from the beginning, the gaming community might have been more willing to take a chance on it given what was at steak.