Warhawk: Operation Omega Dawn Review: "Better pronounced as Oh! MEGA Dawn"

From the article: "Operation Omega Dawn's new nighttime map and massive dropship deliver a convincing reason to spend $7.99 and a very convincing reason to get back into playing more Warhawk. If you've been distracted by games like Ratchet & Clank Future, Uncharted and Assassin's Creed during the holidays, this add-on is the perfect incentive to revisit PS3's best online addiction."

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Joey Gladstone4663d ago

One of the BEST (If not the Best) Multiplayer experiences AROUND!!........
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

SSCOOLCHEA4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

I cant download shil anymore because every card i have use has come up invalid . i have even try to use the same card i have use before . missing out on omega right now.....

JU - What do you mean ? booked money

I use to just added to my funds and it wont have a problem .

Ju4663d ago

^^ I got the same error message, but it still accepted it later when I booked money on my wallet. Try that, no matter what error you get.

mighty_douche4663d ago

Havent played it for a while, well since COD4 *hangs head in shame*...

gotta get back on this bad boy!!

GIJeff4663d ago

24player dogfights are where its at. I wish there were more dogfight servers..

Nykamari4663d ago

Even before the dropship this game was mindblowing! VERY UNDERATED GAME. Doesn't matter what game type your in its just plain CHAOTIC WAR. (Kaos)Nykamari

StalkingSilence4663d ago

It took them over a month to come up with that lame headline for a review? Seriously though, why are reviews of it just coming in now? I guess they have had more time to spend with the game, but I feel like I've heard the same things they say in other reviews.

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