Call For Votes: Game Developer's Top 50 Developers

Gamasutra, 01.16.08 - The editors of Game Developer magazine are asking all game professionals to complete a brief anonymous survey which will help decide the rankings of this year's historic first-ever 'Top 50 Developers' feature and research.

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Jdash244672d ago

insomniac.........they get sh!t done

Resistance 2

all being made and released within a year of each other

60 players online ftw!!!

resistance1004672d ago

Insomniac deserve every award going. They've basically shut every single developer up (with the exception of Naughty Dog) by showing that they can make top notch Ps3 games, which no framerate problems, look great and more. And not only that but create them in very small time frames.

HarryEtTubMan4672d ago

Resistance 2, Killzone 2, MGS4, Tekken 6, Little Big Planet, Socom: Confrontation, GTA 4, Infamous, GT 5 and about 30 other games we havent seen = PS3 T-BAGGING the loser XBOTS.

All in 2008.

All in 2009.

All for the next 9 years the PS3 is here.

The Xbox 360 will be LUCKY to outsell the PS3 for 1 month in 2008.