Majesco courting Wii and DS developers at GDC

Siliconera » Written by: Spencer on January 15th, 2008 @ 4:49 pm

Hot of Wired's insightful piece on Majesco's revised strategy (less Advent Rising, more deals with Japanese publishers), the Cooking Mama champion posted a open call for developers to present projects at GDC 2008. Majesco is "currently concentrating on development for the Nintendo DS and Wii" so you want to save your grass roots PlayStation 3 project for another publisher. However, if you are an indie developer with a neat Nintendo oriented project you could send them an e-mail and set up a meeting to present it. While a lot of networking and deals occur at GDC, Majesco is going a step forward with their proactive announcement. Good luck to anyone who takes this opportunity!

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wiizy4672d ago

majesco know the wii and ds are the top systems...