Okami dev critical of current games market & problems devs face with the current consoles

CVG writes:

Choosing a console to develop for in the current generation is a tough decision it seems, as ex-Clover boss and Okami producer Atsushi Inaba points out the issues with all three platforms.

"The Wii and the DS are selling very well, but in terms of software Nintendo is obviously the best-selling developer by far. It has the best understanding of the new market it has created," he says.

"Nintendo can be very happy about the situation right now, but for a developer like us, and we're probably in the majority, the situation is difficult."

Xbox 360's lack of Japanese appeal is clearly a problem, as Inaba theorises: "Our game then might be successful in the US, but there is no market in Japan and I don't have the feeling it is doing that well in Europe."

He also criticises Sony for its "whole behaviour over the price cuts, because the opinion of the entire industry here was against them," although we're not quite sure what he means by that.

And more specifically about developing for PS3, he says: "the power of the brand may be good in Japan and overseas but there are just not enough machines installed."

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Cyrus3654666d ago

Another Developer, stating 3rd parties can't sell on Wii. 360 doesn't sell well in japan or Europe. And PS3 is still a price issue.

ChickeyCantor4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

3rd party developers should promote their games and make some quality games, then you will see, people will buy their games too.

from where i live i havt seen any third party commercial ....well only from EA but thats it.

Marketing is essential, and they just aren't doing it right.
thats how i see it but yeah thats me.

and ...why did clover die =(

Bombomb4666d ago

obvious here.

no console is perfect, in regards to strategies and such..

kingnick4666d ago

Obviously the PS3’s installed base will only continue to grow but I don't think the two other console issues will be eliminated so easily, if they are eliminated at all.

wiizy4666d ago

it means wii and ds is where its at.. so third parties need to take time and releaSE GOOD GAMES FOR THOSE SYSTEMS