Cooking Mama Wii Screens

The niche hit comes to the Wii.

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xboxlj5847d ago

What is the purpose of this game.

Asylumchild5847d ago

Who ever buys this better be at least 8 or younger or someone that has no idea what this game was before they bought it. WHY would you make a game liek this come on now be SERIOUS!!! Nintendo you have an awsome console coming out very soon please dont screw it up this may be your last chance to come back and mabbe place 2nd because theres no way your touching the 360 :)

ChickeyCantor5847d ago

i bet this is gonna sell more then your words in the comment

kmis875847d ago

Does anyone else think Mama is hot? Just putting it out there.

ds62205846d ago

The DS version was so addictive and fun that this may be just as huge.