Rumored PLAYSTATION Store New Content (US) for 1/17/08

A constantly updated list of rumors (some confirmed) for the new PSN content delivered weekly. Thread cites sources and media related to the game.

Note: I know this is a forum post, but it's a collection from many different sources. The information is timely and updated immediately. Poster's threads linked to before from N4G - when it broke news that All PS1 Games are playable via Remote Play (in that case, thread was linked to).

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StalkingSilence4664d ago

Really i made sure to include sources to all reputable sites. I keep close eyes on new releases each week and all rumors from N4G. Just trying to spread the word out there to curious PS3 gamers.

decapitator4664d ago

I will take a DMC demo please. Although I know it has not been confirmed for PSN, I really wish it was.

You guys would be disappointed if I told you what has been confirmed.... Well then lets leave it for the element of surprise. Unless of course there will be 2 demos this week.

SoulReaper4664d ago

True the people who have a 360 will have a wait for the demo...My xboxlive expired already dont know if i want to renew yet cuz they still havin problems with it..

Amnesiac4664d ago

yeah i got renew my psn subscription soon...oh wait.

XiaoSet4664d ago

Hmmm, DMC4 demo would be nice

xbox Forever4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Hmmm, any demo would be nice (sorry you only get them on 360)

Zuhk4664d ago

"Hmmm, any demo would be nice (sorry you only get them on 360)"
If you feed your XBrickx money, otherwise you have to wait a week. Must suck having to pay for demo's, not to mention to get them at the same time as PS3.

n_n4664d ago

DMC demo very nice... PAIN dlc (Ninja) would be sweet... can't wait for Echochrome

KillaManiac4664d ago

Did u just call a PS3 a XBrickX? wth does that mean, it better not mean any kind of hardware problem because I will just hysterically laugh at ur RROD.

Also, how we ps3 players pay for Demos? If anyone has to pay for a demo it would be you since they are doing away with Silver membership and forces to buy the "platinum" crap or w/e..wth are you talking about zhuk...You make no sense as usual

Amnesiac4664d ago

he was talking about the xbox...

do you really think you have to pay for demos on psn? LOL

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DarkSniper4664d ago

These upgrades would be a welcome addition to all Sony Snipers as PLAYSTATION® 3 marches onto stomping a mudhole in XBOX 360.


Skerj4664d ago

If the DMC4 demo hits I'd be happy, I'll be even happier when I get Pixel Junk Monsters but it might take away time from Burnout.

kingofps34664d ago

Looking good this week.

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The story is too old to be commented.