E3 2012: Rumors VS Reality

Gamers everywhere are anticipating yet another E3. As the weeks leading up to the big Expo pass, the usual speculating and talks of crazy rumors continue to rage on. We've seen some of these rumors go away just as quickly as they sprung up, but there are still quite a few out there that are too close to call. We come back to "the internetz" during the pre-E3 craze to bring you our own version of these predictions once again. This article in particular focuses on Sony's conference.

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Akuma-3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

sony concentrating on having a lot of core games - rumour or reality

nintendo making the wii u powerful, 4 times a ps3 - rumour or reality

nintendo wii u will cater more to core gamers - rumour or reality

microsoft will have a lot of exclusive games at e3 - rumour or reality

sony will switch focus to concentrate on ps move- rumour or reality

there is only one scenario that will be reality

Y_51503045d ago

I just want to see their show! I want to see the future of gaming! Not just Sony, I WANT TO SEE IT ALL!

Whitefeather3045d ago

I'm not really going to speculate about the show. I'm just going to wait till the 4th and watch Sony's show live and read about the other two.

black9113045d ago

Lets stop speculating and just wait till E3.

sinncross3045d ago

what is the fun in that?

house3045d ago

the only thing i know thats reality is that the gamer will benefit from the show i know i will... well besides my poor wallet u_u