Joystiq interview: Patrick Goschy talks about Midway, tells us he 'made the Wii'

A few days ago, former Midway employee Patrick Goschy released a video he made in 1999 depicting a motion-based controller of his own design, with the intention of highlighting what he believed to be a direct inspiration for the Nintendo Wii remote. The Chicago-based Fox affiliate ran the story* and our sister site Engadget later managed to obtain pictures of the prototype. We had a chance to speak with Goschy over the phone to learn some new details about the creation of not one but two prototypes, as well as the circumstances surrounding the patent ownership.

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Salvadore4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Where were you 2 years ago?

Salvadore4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Double Post, Sorry.

pwnsause4665d ago

he got laid off by Midway, thats,were he was 2 years ago, heck I would be pissed if a company took my invention and didnt even get paid a cent for it

InMyOpinion4665d ago

Nice buttplug he designed. I'll give him cred for his country western inspired 'stasche and mullet though. I think he was fired from Midway for secretly filming amateur porn in his office during work hours.

4665d ago
ChickeyCantor4665d ago

So what if he invented something, its like he is trying to destroy nintendo. Bummer, they are making money out of should have played your game better.

vilmer4665d ago

Trying to destroy nintendo? If what he's saying is true, he's the main reason there's even a Wii.

ChickeyCantor4665d ago

his tech yes maybe, but you can manufacture concepts in different ways, look @ bluray and HD-dvd's both can hold many gigs.

if they didnt used his tech then they would have found a nother for sure.

so whats his point exactly? he just had to keep his tech for himselve then.

Nintendo doesnt make everything themselves they just have concepts and look for people who can produce it for them.

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