Valve confirms Team Fortress 2 class changes

CVG is reporting Valve has revealed tweaks in the pipeline for Team Fortress 2 classes in the wake of news that the developer plans "a large scale modification" to the core of the game.

According to Valve's Robin Walker, the Pyro is set to receive an important boost and the developer's tinkering with the Solider too.

"We are indeed investigating Soldier changes, and one of the changes we're trying out is focused on making Soldiers a little more careful firing their rockets at point blank targets. As for the Pyro scoring, we have a minor tweak coming down the pipe. He's going to get a small amount of points for every enemy he ignites."

Earlier this week Valve promised that a "significant gameplay tweak" for the Medic class is on the way too, and that all the game's classes will eventually receive similar treatment.

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solar4663d ago

sweet. some of the classes are a lil unbalaced.

scout: bat needs a lil upgrade in power

soldier: def overpowered a bit. i would like to see more damage done to them with close rocket explosions

pyro: no change needed. but i do like the point tweak. my fav is the pyro. 53 fireaxe kills in 3 hours of play on a regular server :D fun stuff

demoman: id like to see them get a pistol...but it would set off the balance of the game

heavy: a lil accuracy upgrade for far away enemies

engineers: no change

medic: bonesaw great, main weapon has an arc shot id like to be more straight

sniper: no change

spy: sometimes i feel the knife is over powered at front attacks, and i love using the spy. ive taken out 5 guys all piled up within 6 seconds most without backstabs.

im gonna welcome the changes. along with the new maps coming out. my multiplayer game of '07 :D

Cyrus3654663d ago

I glad they are looking at the classes and changing things hopefully for the better.

No comfirmation though if this will come over to 360 or PS3.

solar4663d ago

i hope it does. all platforms should be treated equal.