Infinity Ward has received $493 million from Activision

The pre-trial hearings continue in the West/Zampella case against Activision, and now we are learning just how much Activision has paid for Call of Duty...

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JoGam4144d ago

Damn if they got 493 million, how much did they actually make from the game? WOW

zslash4144d ago

Black Ops alone made over $1b so I'd say they still made a good profit.

RedDead4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

50 quid a game with 20 mill sales leaves 1 billion. But alot of that will go into costs of sales. I dunno how much the publisher makes per copy. Cod sells roughly 20 mill copies per game don't they??

shysun4144d ago

You for got about the DLC and they sold over 1 million of in dlc!

ABizzel14143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

$60 * 20million sales = $1.2 Billion.

They've made $1.2 billion the las 3 years, so $493 million isn't hurting them. Also more than likely, Infinity Ward is moving on to Call of Duty 5 for the PS4 and Next box as a launch titles. Activision wants to keep COD as the shooter to go to, so they want the best COD they can get at launch. And Sony, MS, and Activision want consoles to succeed since they are huge money makers for each of them, so it makes sense. If there's a great COD Day 1 on the PS4 and Next Box, you can expect both consoles to sell around 10 million consoles Year 1, as long as their first party games are there too, and the price is right.

Les-Grossman4144d ago

I want everyone at Activision to cry when this is over

Ken224144d ago

Good now get the Ip for COD and terminate it or at least give us a true sequel to MW1 oh and take your time 3+ years should be good :D.

Brownghost4144d ago

Call of duty sucks we don't need another sequel, try something else

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has officially hit 10 Million Units Sold-Through Globally

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has officially hit 10 Million Units Sold-Through Globally!


Excellent game and I’d welcome a sequel.

Dirty_Lemons5d ago

Brutally hard but very good game.

HyperMoused5d ago

Absolutely loved this game, but got burn out on the final boss, ill get him one day, i still think four phases is BS though

chrisx5d ago

Same here. I'm not even interested in going back I tried my best, getting to him was a great achievement on it's own.

recoctimocassirnff4d ago

Still have this game in my backlog. Really need to get around to it. Having too much fun with BG3 atm, though.

MEGANE4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

30+ years of gaming xp and this is the first game that kicked my ass, currently stuck on the Owl second fight… I regret nothing.

qalpha4d ago

I'm in the minority, but the Owl fights were waaaay harder for me than any other, including Isshin Sword Saint. I think I died on that rooftop anywhere between 60 to 80 times on him. I wish the game kept track.

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Bobby Kotick, Brad Smith, Other Microsoft & Activision Execs Comment on CMA's Preliminary Decision

Following the preliminary approval from UK's CMA, Microsoft and Activision execs have published new statements.

XiNatsuDragnel9d ago

Once this is over we can go back to business but Microsoft will eat everything up to compete buy hey gaming right.

crazyCoconuts9d ago

If you believe the 10 year contract with PS is legit and bulletproof, not much should change in the short term.
MS claims to be playing the long game with cloud and PC, and not as concerned about consoles.
But who knows - they may have a surprise or two up their sleeves. Maybe there's a way they could twist the knife with COD and still honor that contract.

Markdn9d ago

Without playstation in the market cod sales would be poor at best and Microshaft know this. Starfield was underdeveloped to not make the series s look pathetic. And the series x might as well not exist because of Microshafts greed in trying to steal sales from playstation and failing miserably.

DarXyde9d ago

I've said this before, but it's entirely possible that Call of Duty remaining on PlayStation may well be contingent upon allowing XGP on PlayStation.

I think I have a pretty decent track record on anticipating what they do. They're hopelessly predictable in their strategies.

crazyCoconuts9d ago

@DarXyde - totally agree, that would be the perfect chess move for MS, and would make 100% sense.
Only thing that makes me doubt that is that Sony would certainly have had to see that and called it out if the contract allowed that wiggle room. Maybe I'm giving them too much credit, but that's an obvious thing to protect against, and I'd think they'd be crying foul from the high heavens if it were possible.
Non-disclosures might have been signed before they saw it, but still... that's something worth breaking NDA over

Charlieboy3339d ago

@DarXyde & Crazy There's no way Sony will allow gamepass on Playstation as it will directly interfere with PS+ first of all.

It would also mean that people already subscribed to PS+ would be required to take out ANOTHER subscription just to play COD. Or people that are not keen on subscriptions will be forced into signing up for months if it's only available via 'gamepass on PS', instead of being able to buy the game outright.

Sony ain't gonna do Microsoft favours at the expense of making things shit for THEIR customers. Also, wouldn't Sony be screwing themselves even further by losing money from sales, if people can only play it via a subscription....to Microsoft of all people?

I just don't see it happening. Playstation is not even going to make the next COD available on THEIR service day one. They prefer to have proper sales ( as they should ).

DarXyde5d ago


I should clarify (my mistake):

I'm saying that this deal may allow for it in a traditional format now, but not beyond the deal. In addition to that, it is very possible the other ABK franchises would require that, since Sony only made a deal for Call of Duty. Perhaps that was why Sony only specified Call of Duty: Microsoft may have been okay with ALL franchises if Sony approved XGP. They said no, and therefore negotiated for one; MS's compliance is likely for court-pleasing reasons.

Just my thoughts.

This is actually MORE reason why Microsoft is moving into Cloud/digital stuff: if it's not available outside of the service on their own hardware, why would it be on other platforms?

People disagree, but I feel very on the nose with this one.

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343_Guilty_Spark9d ago

What do you mean go back to business - you haven’t been playin games?