Hands-on with the Updated iPhone

We didn't get a 3G iPhone at Macworld, but at least we got a software update that brings pseudo-GPS abilities, customizable home pages and more to Apple's coveted handheld. Here's a few quick first impressions.

GPS: Actually, we're not talking actual GPS here; instead, this update to the iPhone's Maps app triangulates your position according to your distance from the nearest cell phone towers. You activate the feature by tapping a little bulls-eye in the left-hand corner of the Maps interface; 10 to 30 seconds later, a blue circle appears on the map showing your approximate location-and "approximate" is the key word. In my first few tries, the circle encompassed almost a third of Manhattan-a pretty massive swath of land, and not terribly helpful for, say, finding the nearest ATM. A couple of tries later, however, Maps found my location within a block; not bad at all.

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