THQ plans reverse stock split

THQ filed a notice with the SEC on May 25 for a June 29 stockholder's meeting, where THQ will ask stockholders to approve a reverse split of the company's common stock.

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NYC_Gamer3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

THQ is really going down hill and they can't afford to release garbage...

jjdoyle3480d ago

Hope they can stick around they've released some interesting new IPs. Isnt Metro one of their games?

NYC_Gamer3480d ago

Yeah THQ holds the Metro publishing rights

xtremexx3480d ago

they better do something good with metro.

Gen0ne3480d ago

PLease make it THQ. At least get that Saints Row 3 Dominatrix expansion out. I haven't had my fill of SR3 and I'm at 100% on missions and achievements. Definitely one of the best games this gen. Flat out fun.

TheColbertinator3480d ago

THQ is going to launch a new focus on hardcore game development.They need some time for their new strategy.Hope they pull through.

Captain Tuttle3480d ago

What "non-hardcore" games were they making before? I guess U-Draw, right?

TheColbertinator3480d ago

Yes.Flopped horribly so THQ had to rethink everything.