The True Surfer Girl rumors - 16-01-08

1) Factor 5 has not abandoned the PS3, despite yesterday's announcement appearing to indicate the contrary. Also, some may mishear one of the company's forthcoming projects as Toucan Sam title.
2) The action game Certain Affinity is working on is a lighthearted, swashbuckling pirate adventure.
3) A sequel to Carnival Games is coming in the fall, with other platform(s) added to the mix.
4) Who is the company remaking games for PSN?
Square Enix was the company that the EGM rumor was talking about, but the games are not full-fledged remakes.
5) Titles for Apple multitouch devices will no longer be novelties with a few well-known franchises (most falling in the simulation genre) from a couple of companies you probably have heard of.
6) Unsurprisingly, the game tie-in for Horton Hears a Who is barely mediocre. Surprisingly, I hear the movie is quite good. But the real question is, when will the world get a good Seuss game?

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decapitator4668d ago

IF the SE making PSN remakes is true, Man I hope they are not thinking about putting any half-assed remakes on PSN. We want full remade PSN titles.

PS360WII4668d ago

I'm sure they won't be half-arsed but they will most def be full retail price. This is why SE is only putting out the lesser known titles on VC for it'll only be 5-8 dollars.

If SE makes a PSN title it'll probably run 20-25 bucks on the low end.

decapitator4668d ago

"If SE makes a PSN title it'll probably run 20-25 bucks on the low end. "

I'd pay that much for a PSN title because is about the same price as a full retail PSP game. But my main concern is that, the game won't be half-assed. And by that I mean, just a minor graphic touch up and that's it.

PS360WII4668d ago

Well looking at the "remakes" of FF1 and FF2 on the PSP that might be what we get. Although if they do what they are doing with DS on remakes then bring it on ^^

Le-mo4668d ago

Why won't Sony remake Legend of Dragoon...a lot of people seem eager for that title. Imagine transforming into a dragoon in HD. *Drools*

Darkiewonder4668d ago

actually, is the LOD team still around? ;o

Hanseo4668d ago

LOD is making some game called angel ring for the PS3

techie4668d ago

Well we dont know if the rumours are true yet :)

decapitator4668d ago

hmmm, you sound like you know something that you aren't telling us...

btw, keep up the good work with news submissions.

techie4668d ago

Thanks. I am but a shell of my former self on n4g.

Anyway - Factor 5 "rumour" is not a rumour at all - Factor 5 were always doing a Wii project, but they have another full fledged PS3 game in the works, as well as PSN game - may be Turrican. And stupid Surfer Girl isn't my source.

heyheyhey4668d ago

cool any deets on the ps3 and psn game? is the ps3 game exclusive? is it another air combat game? is it lair 2? what is the PSN game about? is it an air-combat game? is it lair: chronicles?

techie4668d ago

PS3 exclusive - you think they'd create such an insane PS3 engine and not use it?

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WilliamRLBaker4668d ago

they are not full blown remakes...what does this mean? they will repake the games for psn and maybe added one or 2 things...square sure likes to release endless lines of rereleases to milk money.
which is why i stopped like square.

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