PSM3 Magazine Gives 8/10 To Devil May Cry 4

CVG writes:

"Issue 97 of PSM3 magazine, on sale tomorrow, features the first review of Capcom's much-anticipated Devil May Cry 4."

PSM3 kicks off stating: "If you go into DMC4 with expectations about fairness, checkpoints, structure and rewards that you've got from God Of War, you're going to end up all hurt and confused."

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decapitator4671d ago

8/10 is not bad. I was expecting at least a 9 but 8 will do fine. Either way, I will be picking this up when it launches.

n_n4671d ago

i don't generally go by review scores but it's nice to know what they think about it. challenging is good.

Bonsai12144671d ago (Edited 4671d ago )

not as hard as dmc3? weak... though i'll probably still pick it up along the way. the difficulty was something that kept me coming back to dmc3. i loved how hard it was. challenge is a good thing. they should put a sticker on hard games saying "wussies not apply"

Milkman5414671d ago

Weather that is what you want or not, that turns casual gamers away, and there are far more of those then there are hardcore gamers...

PimpHandStrong4671d ago

i played one of these games. I cant remember if it was part 1 or part 2 but all i know i wasnt blown away by this metro sexaul gun slinger...

not a game im waiting for but like The darkness i will buy it used for under 30bucks

DemiseofPandas4671d ago

You can always expect a less than perfect score for a game like this, because it's not for everyone. It is for hard core action fans, and if the only thing they can complain about in the review is difficulty, then fans of the genre should know its right up their alley. There's no way to expect 9s or 10s for games that aren't for everyone, but this is sure to be a 9-10 in my book.

Milkman5414671d ago

I'd have to disagree, just look at God of War...those game scores have been amazing and it's almost the seem type of game...

shotputking4671d ago

they are in the same general genre, but not at all the same game... the entire point of god of war is to make a game that says, "hey newcomers! look, with three taps of a button, you can rip someone in half! look at the blood and how good you are at this game!"

DemiseofPandas4671d ago

God of War is in the same genre, but is practically in its own subset. One of the reasons it is so popular is because it is accessible, and isn't so hard that it will push casual gamers away. Games like Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden, are the evolution of the beat em up, games that used to be very unforgiving and challenging. They are the games to satisfy those with an appetite for challenge. Not everyone wants to play such a challenging game, and it is frustrating instead of fun for them, therefore it is not for everyone.

Frances-the-Mute4671d ago (Edited 4671d ago )

sweet my friend is gonna love it, just 2 more months! this fella probably got frustrated DMC is much harder than GOW

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