Adult studio Digital Playground drops HD-DVD

This was rumored to happen soon last week.

About a couple dozen titles were released on HD DVD from the studio, making it the leader in high-def adult entertainment. The lucrative industry has been deemed one of the most important factors in determining the success of a new format.

decapitator5739d ago (Edited 5739d ago )

This is the point I was making earlier on about this format. The damage has already been done to Toshiba. And it does not seem to be improving despite all the price drops and such.

If they wave the white flag now, they wont loose as much as to if they continue pursuing that pointless dream of winning the already won format war.

HD DVD5738d ago

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo!!! !

YoMeViet5739d ago

ah bai bai HD-DVD, even porn is abandoning you, R.I.P. you will not be missed.

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Ashta5738d ago

Venomous: The 1990's and the tons of Microsoft monopoly lawsuits and worldwide anti-trust trials against Microsoft would love to have a word with you.

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xplosneer5738d ago

You might want to talk to DVD then, or VHS, or the many other succeeding formats in history. At least you have the choice of Digital Downloads.

Antiomo5738d ago

Dont you find it contradicting........ I think introducing 2 formats actually reduce the choice.

As an early adopter.... I can say that equipment is expensive and media is expensive. Meaning As a consume I like many others have already chosen the format. If the market remains split up...... then I will have no choice to purchase BOTH formats if I wanted to watch all the hd media. Sorry the world is turning blu and I we will have more movies to watch in hd than ever than before.

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whateva5739d ago

I guess they like playing follow the leader.

Maddens Raiders5739d ago

no, they like playing, "show me the money".

beoulve5739d ago

so that it die faster, and we can just go with one format.

The Wood5739d ago

this war is over

the light-hearted look below

Maddens Raiders5739d ago (Edited 5739d ago )

dude, that is by far the funniest video I have seen in quite a long, long time. Bubbles just for making me aware of its existence. Fkn incredible.

"Blades of Glory!!??? Are you fking kidding me!!???" - classic.

LOFT3165739d ago

That was funny as f*ck
thanks wood

Apocwhen5739d ago

It even brings the meaning back into Blu Movies :)