'Hiragana Pixel Party' Makes Learning To Write Japanese Fun

Speaking from experience, learning to speak Japanese, while rewarding, is no cake walk.

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Snookies122394d ago

I've learned a good bit of Japanese from watching Anime lol. I may not know exactly how to spell/write it, but I can get across quite a few things. Honestly, if Hiragana was the only form of alphabet the Japanese had, it would be a cakewalk. Kanji just kills it for me, I was learning quite a bit after actually studying it, but once I got to Kanji I quit. :\

recninja2394d ago

Kanji makes sense to me, but considering I'm from a Chinese background, which is essentially all Kanji, I could see where you have troubles.

Snookies122394d ago

Yeah, it's pretty tough trying to learn Kanji. Though honestly, I've heard English is the hardest language to learn and I can understand why. So I suppose I should be thankful for that being my first language. o_o

Action GO FIGURE2394d ago

Already mastered Hiragana. Give me Katakana please.

RoyaleWC2394d ago

This actually has Katakana too, I bought it. :)

recninja2394d ago

Yup, there are Katagana levels!