Zero Punctuation reviews Crysis

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw reviews Crysis with his usual touch.

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decapitator4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Another hilarious review as always. I particular found this part to be funny:
Crysis is a game for sight seeing and if you have sort of invested in a computer to run it, then you own it to yourself to check it out..."

but yet don't agree with it because Crysis is a solid and fun game..

ickleben4665d ago

I suppose I might play it then it's been sat on my desk since ages ago.. some bloke told me the spaceship bit was good in a wooshy wooshy floaty floaty kind of way..

mighty_douche4665d ago

LOL... i love this dude, he's as British as can be!

Mad Dog 20/20... lol, that takes me back, i had more fun with that than Crysis thats for sure!

marcellizot4665d ago

Yahtzee is a bona fide genius, though I imagine he is probably a bit of a cnut in person but then that's probably because I am a bit jealous of his purple prose spouting skills.

GITPWNED4665d ago

LOL "PC Nerds." It's so true.

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