Silent Hill 5 Preview (ActionTrip)

Ure "Vader" Paul of ActionTrip writes:

"Throughout gaming history many developers and publishers followed design patterns of archetypical horror survival titles like Konami's Silent Hill and Capcom's Resident Evil. Both franchises have existed for roughly 10 years and are still counted among the best horror games on the market."

"Unlike Resident Evil, which admittedly paved the way for horror survival shooters, Silent Hill relied more on psychological aspects of the genre, as opposed to the typical shock effect and in-your-face violence. The SH series had its ups and downs, but that didn't stop Konami from investing further into the franchise. During a press conference held at the E3 Media & Business Summit 2007, Konami announced that a fifth continuation in the Silent Hill series is under way and that it will be heading to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, most likely during fall 2008."

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name4668d ago

I hope to God that the collective doesn't ruin this game with cliche bullsh1t. Please don't ruin this series. Ugh, whats the point, they will -_-