PS3 Fanboy voices-on: Singstar

Singstar is touted as a party experience - alcohol not required. Every part of the game has been designed around the party environment, meaning that you're never more than a few button presses from another section of the game. Pressing the Start button at any time whilst navigating the menus allows you to move directly to any of the online sections of the game, including the SingStore, Media Gallery, and even your PS3 friends list. Access to the friends list in game allows you to read or send messages to your PS3 owning pals.

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YoMeViet4665d ago

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My singing is pretty good in Karaoke bars but not sure on my PS3...
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StalkingSilence4665d ago

A lot might overlook this article, but it is interesting that the game includes in-game friends list with in-game messaging. I believe that is a PS3 first for any title. Some games include in-game friends list functionality, but this is the first with messaging. These developer-implemented features will hopefully soon be in most PS3 game releases and we can stop asking for "IN-GAME XMB!!!!"