How Diablo III’s Solo Experience Reveals A Hollow Game

RPS writes: My companions have stopped following me. The map has suddenly blanked out. The dungeon doors aren’t opening. And despite my just having cleared out a two-storey dungeon for the second time, there hasn’t been a checkpoint in over a half an hour. If I quit out to fix it, the entire area map will be reset yet again (a previous quit to see if there was any way to raise the difficulty had already done this to me once, and is how I discovered the dungeon wasn’t checkpointing), so in total an hour’s play time lost, and, well, here’s the thing: Diablo III just isn’t brilliant enough to warrant this.

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firelogic2365d ago

Torchlight 2 won't be adding anything significant to the genre. Torchlight 1 was a budget Diablo 1 clone, and Torchlight 2 is a clone of itself.

Dylken2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

I stated this last year some time during an early preview of diablo 3. there was a lot of people worried about the hype involved and how some of the elements people truly loved in D2 were being cut from diablo 3. I'm quite confident that this is the reason diablo 3 is getting such mixed reviews. the people picking up and playing for the first time, it feels like a great game and in its own right is a great game. However it does not feel like a diablo game, and the die hard diablo 2 fans seem to be the ones expressing this concern over and over. Now, the reason i am replying to you, is that Runic did listen, they took notes and they implimented everything people wanted moved over from diablo 2 into torchlight 2. Stat points, skill points, a pet system better then D2's / D3's merc system. it's all there. and that's why Torchlight 2 has been getting a ton of attention lately. As a long time ARPG fan i'll be playing both D3 and T2, but, in terms of a true diablo sequel, T2 wins that battle.

da_2pacalypse2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Yup, I agree with you completely. T2 will be a far better game when compared to diablo3. Why does it matter if it's a diablo clone? I hope you're aware that most of the developers are runic games worked at blizzard and helped make D2 in the first place....

Anyways, the original Torchlight had far more innovation than D3 does... so I wouldn't really consider it a clone. I mean, what is D3? It's nothing more than D2 with a shorter campaign and streamlined game features... and some features taken straight out of Torchlight

JsonHenry2365d ago

I am looking forward to T2 more than I ever was D3. Its just more of a "diablo" game than D3 if that makes any sense.

GamerEuphoria2365d ago

I wish i had the power of future sight like some of you appear to have.

hellvaguy2365d ago

"in terms of a true diablo sequel, T2 wins that battle" for a game thats not even out yet to crown them the champs is pretty ignorant, just sayin. Reminds me of when someones fav football is playing in th super bowl and they are all, they got this win, no way they could ever lose (but then when is game, they lose).

Dylken2365d ago

My comment is based on roughly 20 hours of Diablo 3 beta experience as well as now owning it / playing it and roughly 40 hours beta experience in torchlight 2. i maxed all characters in the beta and my impressions are simply stemmed from this. but, in all seriousness don't take my word for it. T2 is a 20$ game on steam. drop some time into it and tell me which feels more like a true sequel to Diablo 2.

Lucretia2365d ago


Your a clone of your mother and father because your DNA is almost the same.

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StayStatic2365d ago

Then give me more hollow games ...

reznik_zerosum2365d ago

easy to get hits when u hate someone or something on internet

DarkSymbiote2365d ago

It just shows people will buy just on brand names and little more.

kostchtchie_2365d ago

torchlight 2 is great from what i tested in the beta

Lobbies...................... .....check
Online/offline/LAN........... .....check
cool character customization.......check
HC characters from start...........check
cool fun bosses....................chec k
random generated maps..............check
random generated quest scenarios...check
can trade loot in lobbie games.....check
great game music...................check
pets that buy and sell and kill....check

clone or not they are pushing seriously good solid game, and i have already got my pre-order money done for it

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