Gamers give game reviewers the thumbs down

A new report says gamers don't care much about what game critics have to say. According to the report, a game's rating have little effect on its sales.

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FordGTGuy5850d ago

I hate most of the reviews out there because they don't give any of the games a chance.

jib5850d ago

i usually go for average user reviews

TheXgamerLive5850d ago

Why? B/C there just one person's opinion, same as yours or mine.

ChickeyCantor5850d ago

never listen to a nother....experience it for your self

TheXgamerLive5850d ago

We all have different taste, just like in the girls we like. Everyone has there own preference and some usually cross over but all are different, distinct.

beans5850d ago

I only use reviews when a game looks questionable! Many times i've read reviews for games after beating them and thought to myself how can anyone rate a game this good so bad!

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The story is too old to be commented.