CVG previews Bully: Scholarship Edition - Bully get bigger inside

When Rockstar announced named a game called Bully back in 2006, the reaction was hardly surprising. The Daily Mail, protector of all that is good and pure in England, immediately passed judgement, and smeared it as if it were the unborn child of Adolf Hitler.

In an effort to quench the media bloodlust, Rockstar made a quick name change to the obscure Canis Canem Edit, like the game had entered some sort of witness protection program. But this did little to calm the tabloids. That the game was nothing like what the papers purported it to be was irrelevant. The sheer audacity of Rockstar was enough to keep the hate machine going. The 'Bully' name is back though for the revamped versions coming to 360 and Wii.

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