Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of the Next 3 Months

Clayton Ashley of writes:

"2007 was a fantastic year of gaming, one filled with games I still have yet to play. But 2008 is already looking like a another great year for gaming, one filled with many potential triple-A titles. I was prepared to write up a list of my 10 most anticipated games of the whole year but I quickly found 10 coming out before April that I'm dying to play."

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kingOVsticks5243d ago

no smash bros no GTA4 no spore no haze? this list fails

marinelife95243d ago

It's called the most anticipated yet I hadn't even heard of some of the games on hte list. Matter of fact I've never even heard of the website.

TruthBTold5243d ago

missed some great games and mentioned some games I have never heard of. sad really though it would be an interesting list

thundercleeze5243d ago

Neither GTA or Spore are confirmed to be coming out in the next 3 months, which appeared to be the point of the list

5243d ago
name5243d ago

GT prolouge
Burnout Paradise
Devil May Cry 4
GTA4(if it comes out in the next 3 months)

And wait, so left for dead has been confirmed for PS3? I thought it was a 360/PC game.

CRIMS0N_W0LF5243d ago

wtf crap list missing too much games.

socomnick5243d ago

That list is of games that have a confirmed release date. Gta 4 and the such don't yet.

desolationstorm5243d ago

So good ones on there, but come on no Brawl. Just because your not good at it doesnt mean it shouldnt make it on your list. THen again its just his list. Though I find it hard to beleive when he says Ive never played this game, or played the prequels, but its on my list.

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The story is too old to be commented.