Suda 51: Third party Wii games aren't selling

CVG writes:

"Goichi Suda, otherwise known as Killer 7 and No More Heroes director Suda 51, claims that third-party titles for the Wii aren't selling in his home land and that only Nintendo is really profiting from its success.

Speaking about the sales of No More Heroes in Japan, he told us, "Whilst the sales weren't as high as I hoped, other titles for Wii aren't selling so well either. Only Nintendo titles are doing well. This isn't just because of the current situation in Japan, as this is happening outside Japan."

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predator4665d ago

its a shame because if it keeps like this its going to end up like the gamecube with 3rd party pubs abandoning it.

masterg4665d ago

To me this is not a shame.

I want the developers to use their time on next gen games and not what (believe it or not) we already saw last gen on the PS2.

MK_Red4665d ago

Predator, I believe most 3rd party devs the to be blamed because more than 99 percent of 3rd party games are worse than garbage and the worst games list of 2007 was filled with Wii titles. Of course, there are gems like Zack & Wiki, No More Heroes and even RE:UC but when most 3rd party devs don't take Wii seriously and make either terrible games for it or cheap ports, we know that they need to be punished and blamed not Wii buyers (Though they deserve punishment for making the uber crappy Carnival Games a best selling 3rd party game for Wii).

Salvadore4665d ago

There are 3rd party developers who do spend alot time and resource on their titles, but these games never seem to attract Nintendo's market. That's why we are seeing alot of developers (Midway and etc) just releasing a bunch of fugly looking titles and ports because they don't see the reasons for putting effort in the games because they titles will become overshadowed by Nintendo games.

okcomputer4665d ago

Downside to marketing to casual gamers I guess is that casual gamers don't buy many games, and when they do buy games they're almost always the huge popular titles that are almost all from nintendo.

ParaDise_LosT4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Please :)

Killer 7 was one of the greatest games last gen so i wanna see what NMH can do :]

Eretik4665d ago

Nobody knows this title. No selling - no title.

Hades13374665d ago

I think that No More Heroes will have awesome sales in America and Europe; Ive currently got it on preorder.

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The story is too old to be commented.