56 new high quality Disgaea 3 screenshots

Disgaea 3 is looking more and more to deliver once again. These screens will get any fan drooling.

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GIJeff4671d ago

game is going to own.

Bebedora4671d ago

Hope they have a real big fat manual to it. The first had none to offer when there are thousands of things to do never mentioned in it.

I could even think of buying one separately.

lonestarmt4671d ago

I hope this will be the first true J-rpg to come to america for the ps3.

Luca Blight4671d ago

of intense leveling/unlocking classes and finding rare/legendary equipment begins again!

vilmer4671d ago

OH yess!! I can't wait :)

poos34671d ago

TBH the game graphics are GARBAGE but the truth is that i like old style rpgs grapics from supernintentdo and ps1 like this looks like and if this came out for the 360 i would buy it im not a grapics whore but this game should not be hyped liek its actually amazing

Luca Blight4671d ago

plus, come on - at least we get some variety in visuals instead of generic Unreal Engine based shooter.

Edge11054670d ago

disgaea is not known for their amazing graphics. its the massive storyline and the fact that even after you drop 60 hours on the main story, there is still hundreds of hours left to do the extra stages, item world, and whatever else they throw into it. just look at nippon ichi's other games. graphics definately do not make a game.

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The story is too old to be commented.