Megabox homebrew project brings Freevo to the PS3, similar to XBMC concept

The 'PS3 Megabox homebrew project' has brought Freevo to the PS3. The description of the software states Freevo allows you to manage your entire digital media collection - music, videos, photos etc. via a remote controlled TV interface and through the built in web interface you can also access your media, view your TV guide and schedule recordings from anywhere in the world. The benefit of freevo above other HTPC solutions is that freevo is 100% DRM free, plays video in 99.99% of formats, and most of all puts you in control of the television. From what we can tell, the description says you don't have to install it and can just run it off from USB.

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illizit4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

Yeah, plays 99% of movie formats... but 0% actually work.

This is linux with a Gnome theme. Without video acceleration based on the CELL we won't get any kind of decent playback. (Maybe some divx files, but not encoded h264 files.) This is a BETA, and hardly any of it works.

Bleucrunch4663d ago

Dam why are you so negative bro give it a chance to work out then make your conclusions. Geeeeze! Sound like you spent mad money on it and they wont give you a refund.

mighty_douche4663d ago

Sorry, can someone tell in me in simple english, "will i here in the UK be able to watch or stream tv/media through the internet on my ps3?"

or is this streaming software, from your PC/PS3?

cjp4eva4663d ago

320 gb hard drive here i come!

wageslave4663d ago

Windows Media Center does this now.

ISay4663d ago

ive got an xbox and it cant read all the files its good for music and photos

SJL4804663d ago

Cool. Ps3 keeps gaining more and more interesting features.

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