My Life Without WoW: Introduction

A long time MMO addict details his fight against his latest MMO addiction, World of Warcraft. How does one become addicted? How does one break its seemingly vice-like grip? Read the thoughts of a recovering addict.

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Maddens Raiders4666d ago

I hope Effah makes it through. Divorce from the "world" is never an easy task.

JsonHenry4666d ago

I would say that I am addicted to RTS gaming on my PC... but it is a personal choice of how I spend my extra time. I guess it is only considered an addiction when it causes problems with your love/work life.

Pika-pie4666d ago

I was addicted to WoW. I would find myself booking days off work just so I could spend the day playing it.. I would spend all weekend and every evening playing..

Ive been free and clear for 18 months. Wooo

g4n4666d ago

i can understand why some, espically teens, feel wow is so hard to break. but if your not a teen, and you played other, more chalanging MMO's, like FFXI for example, you see WoW as "ehh, not that great"

NabsterX4665d ago

"wonderfully loving relationship " ..........dude