PS3 Blu-ray = Future Proof

The PS3 is not only the cheapest way to embrace the next-gen DVD revolution proposed by Sony's Blu-ray format, it is also one of the most future proof. This is because the console will offer support for the forthcoming Profile 2.0 Blu-ray standard set to be used on releases later this year. Many more expensive standalone Blu-ray players cannot be upgraded, so they will miss out on the Profile 2.0 features forthcoming, including downloadable content such as trailers, films and ringtones.

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lonestarmt4668d ago

o man this could get nasty fast.

Gondee4668d ago

how it will get ugly. lol

kingnick4668d ago

I will be buying the PS3 for games AND movies but my parents, friends and relatives would prefer the eventually cheaper, quieter and smaller standalone players.

The fact that the PS3 can only game or play movies at the one point in time means many people will look to standalone players instead, I can just imagine all the pissed players out there with partners/spouses/family on their back to get off the PS3 so they can watch x movie.

The PS3 will help Blu-ray but it isn't going to drive it to the adoption rates of DVD.

kingnick4668d ago

How does that solve the "quieter and smaller" issues and don't give the PS3 is silent crap, my HTPC is much quieter and that isn't silent either.

Sexius Maximus4668d ago

The games CURRENTLY on the PS3 are awful (that will soon change.) The main reason I picked up a PS3 is because I wanted a great movie player. So Blu-Ray was the deciding factor for me. Games are at the bottom of the list for me (again, that will change over time, when anything half decent comes out)

Antiomo4668d ago

Your logic does not make sense or your just trolling.

You can only watch one source on one tv..... ie just like the concept of fighting over what channel to watch. How does a stand alone blu-ray/hd-dvd player change things.

As for the decibal rating ... I think your refering to the xbox.... that thing is loud whether your playing a movie or a game.

The ps3 I can't really hear it at all when playing a movie.... but when playing a game I do hear it kindov.

crck4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

I don't think Sony envisioned the ps3 as being the dominant blu-ray player choice 3 or 4 years down the road. The ps3 had 1 mission in its first year of existence. That was win the HD formant war for Sony. It has accomplished that and Sony will slowly start pushing it back into its original category of game machine w/ nice bonus features. I mean what was the point of winning the format war if the ps3 is the dominant blu-ray player on the market and they didn't collect a licensing fee from other manufacturers making eventually better blu-ray players?

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name4668d ago

I don't get it. Why would people buy something that does less, for more money?

DTClown4668d ago

I guess your 1st generation DVD player played DVD-r media too huh?! NO! People had to UPGRADE to get the ADDITIONAL FEATURES! xbots, don't make a big stink over something as silly as this!

ps. there are STILL new DVD players on the market that do not read DVD-r or +r discs. I guess DVD was a sh!t format since it didn't do it all at the beginning huh!

Mr PS34668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Change your name to Assclown

Antiomo4668d ago

But Im looking foward to purchasing a stand alone player

Why .... It can decode dts master hd...... plus I could care less about profile 1.1 or special features.

But more importantly it looks very sexy in the living room when buying a stand alone player.

Just like buying a car.... features is not always the key selling point.

Afterburn4668d ago

1. stop using my word.
2. he was defending the PS3, so go easy man.

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