Resistance 2 Scans (Very Good Quality)

Same scans as earlier, way better quality.

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UnblessedSoul5552d ago

I can't wait for this game, I'm so hyped by those scans

FreeMonk5552d ago

very pretty indeed....IF THEY ARE ACTUAL INGAME SHOTS!!!!

I hope these are ingame shots, because if it plays like the first Resistance, and they fix the minor problems, it will be a superb game, but as we all know in the past, Sony are not shy from releasing game footage/images that are not exactly what the final game looks like (Killzone 2 springs to mind both the trailer and the airbrushed screenshots!!)

Don't get to excited just yet. Let's wait for some ingame video footage, which won't be too long as Insomniac are obviously showing lots of the game off!

TheGamer5552d ago


Oh wait its a PS3 game.

Sorry 7/10 and a rare 8/10.

Skerj5552d ago


They are ingame, Insomniac doesn't fool around with that touched up screenshot BS. The shot with the Goliaths is probably the best one, shows the massive scale of this game.

m91058265552d ago

If you look at the scan with the giant machine, it clearly says "Everything in the screen here is all real-time IN GAME geometry"

Kleptic5552d ago

I agree with some of you...Guerilla is simply retarded for touching up screens like that...

I agree that KZ2 does look fantastic...but I really don't know what they are expecting when they admit to touching up still shots of the game...The E3 05 issue was not really Guerilla's fault at all, it was Tretton's for mistaking Kz2 with Resistance 1 (RES1 was in game footage, KZ2 was not...yet he told that d'bag from SpikeTV that KZ2 was)...

but seriously...why touch them up?...even saying "yeah, we did touch tem up a little...but that is very very close to our current build, and the final game will look even better"...and then sitting there wondering why the forum he posted that on exploded...

Insomniac won't do that...naughty dog had no problems showing off early footage of Uncharted, that looked terrible compared to the final game...Insomniac did the same with Ratchet...RES2 will deliver...without a doubt...

nicholascage245552d ago

i dont think anyone would have the courage to give Resistance 2 anything below 9

I am expecting it to shatter some records in sales and rankings

expect atleast 30 10s from various websites

with 60 MP online ,8 players coop, amazing graphics and ofcourse amazing gameplay -----a 9.5 from most websites looms large

However as i said already not even Gamespot or 1up would be able to give it anything below 9

sonarus5551d ago

Bold statements nickcage.
However you just gotta love the sony strategy. So many high profiled games on the platform coming out in 2008 every gamer has to find at least one or two they can't do without. Even xbox owners who wanted to play mgs but didnt want to buy ps3 for just 1 game will clearly be able to see how the machine has a lot more high profile titles to offer. ALl they have to do is stick to the script no more delays release home and everythin will be gravy

mikeslemonade5551d ago

I'm excited after seeing that huge spider with the tentacles and the shark-like mouth and it's raining in that level.

leon765551d ago

As Violater said: DAY 1 PURCHASE FOR ME TOO!!!
And as TheGamer said: this game will be, of course a 10/10 game, but with this stupid mf sites that came to us in the net, I doubt they gave this pontuation...that's sad...

ericnellie5551d ago

With the quick turn around of the just goes to show that developers are starting to feel very at home making games for PS3. One years difference and look at those lovely screen shots!!

stevenhiggster5551d ago

this game has just moved mgs4 down to second on my most wanted of 2008 list :-)

Sevir045551d ago

i didn't think it could happen but it seems that this game is now my number one game of 2008 this game will be the game above all other games i must own... i cant beleive how much i was awaiting KZ2 and MGS4 only to have them both be RPGed by Nathan and the Chimeras... Man the scope of this game is massive

60 player online, 8 player co-op, 2 separate stories, 1 huge reason why i'm a PS3 fan and support, and perhaps this year the true reason to own a PS3 for those who dopnt have one yet... ^^ go get them insomniac i will buy your games.. for ever

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BlackIceJoe5552d ago

All I got to say is Insomniac keeps surprising me. So I can't wait to play Resistance 2.

Bubble Buddy5552d ago

heh Insomniac's been surprising me since the
Spyro days..
then Ratchet...
now Resistance.

Them and Naught Dog is a One-Two punch for Sony

Rice5552d ago

wats next 1000 chimeran on screen.

nicholascage245552d ago

since Heavenly Sword also has 1000 enemies on screen

jcgamer5552d ago

nice find EastCoast and Anego...

ban fans5552d ago

I didn't play the original but am looking forward to doing so (I got a bunch of games over the holiday, so I really don't have time for it right now anyway). But this one looks quite a bit smoother and cleaner. Another great PS3 exclusive! Keep them coming!