TGS 2006: Sony Unveils PS3 Dashboard, Browser details about the very brief sneek peek given by sony of the ps3 dashboard and browser, the article contains some interesting info about ps3 dashboard.

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Cuz it won't open for me.

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Following Ken Kutaragi's disappointing keynote (they ended with a video of Afrika -- enough said), 1UP and other media were invited to a separate, smaller meeting at their Tokyo offices where Sony's president of Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison allowed us an early look at PlayStation 3's dashboard and a few of the multimedia features that will be included within the interface.

The interface was described by Harrison as "too early" to release screen shots, however, so you'll have to rely on our descriptions for now. As expected, the interface is very much like the one you'll currently find on PSP but more refined, polished and updated.

First off, photos. Xbox 360 allows for a slideshow gallery accompanied by music, but PS3's is a little more ambitious, allowing you to manipulate the pictures in a variety of ways (similar to Wii's approach). For example, one of the filters made the images appear as though they were printed on paper. Mr. Sam Kennedy was in attendance during the presentation, describing the filter as "pretty slick." You're pretty slick yourself, Sam-o.

Also included is a music player with a generic light show playing over. Otherwise, it's pretty straightforward. More interesting was the web browser (which, unlike Nintendo's version of Opera, appears to be free) demonstration, where Harrison opened multiple windows -- in this case, the home page, Google and a few others -- and flipped through them in a tab-like fashion (think tabbed AIM windows) very quickly.

1UP cornered Harrison afterwards to find out when we'd see the final version of the interface, a question he quickly dodged, saying the interface would never be finalized, as they plan on continuing to update and evolve the design and features throughout PS3's lifetime.

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I definitely want to try out the web browser.


so they are boxing consoles, yet the interface is too early to screenshot?!!? (its an interface?!! what is the problem? jaggies? bad spelling? slow-down?!)

i am confused.

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Can we all say it together now, APPLE!

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