An Idea For A Gamefly Console App

Another crazy idea from resident "Trophy Whore" TrickyMic

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Snookies122337d ago

A Gamefly console app would end it all... If it actually worked well, you wouldn't have to wait an ungodly amount of time to send a game back and wait for another to come...

TrickyMic2337d ago

thats what made me think of the idea.

joab7772337d ago

It is coming. And it wont b a gamefly app. It will n a service provided by sony or microsoft.

But i would love it. Like rhapsody, if u stop paying, they stop working. Now anyone playing rpgs like myself recently, would buy them, like i so now. I alao keepbthem because of replay value. I may not be able to afford games forever. Anyway, it is brilliant. But if u r gonna charge ppl alot, u hav to have a great selection. I would do it for short games, platinums and as an extended demo.

It will happen